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1 The Z Shell Manual

This document has been produced from the texinfo file zsh.texi, included in the Doc sub-directory of the Zsh distribution.

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1.1 Producing documentation from zsh.texi

The texinfo source may be converted into several formats:

The Info manual

The Info format allows searching for topics, commands, functions, etc. from the many Indices. The command ‘makeinfo zsh.texi’ is used to produce the Info documentation.

The printed manual

The command ‘texi2dvi zsh.texi’ will output zsh.dvi which can then be processed with dvips and optionally gs (Ghostscript) to produce a nicely formatted printed manual.

The HTML manual

An HTML version of this manual is available at the Zsh web site via:


(The HTML version is produced with texi2html, which may be obtained from http://www.nongnu.org/texi2html/. The command is ‘texi2html –output . –ifinfo –split=chapter –node-files zsh.texi’. If necessary, upgrade to version 1.78 of texi2html.)

For those who do not have the necessary tools to process texinfo, precompiled documentation (PostScript, dvi, PDF, info and HTML formats) is available from the zsh archive site or its mirrors, in the file zsh-doc.tar.gz. (See Availability for a list of sites.)

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This document was generated on May 14, 2022 using texi2html 5.0.
Zsh version 5.9, released on May 14, 2022.