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    1 Begin3
    2 Title:          yudit
    3 Version:        3.0.7
    4 Entered-date:   07JUN2020
    5 Description:    Yudit is a unicode text editor for  the X Window
    6                 System.   It  can  do True  Type font rendering,
    7                 printing,   transliterated  keyboard  input  and
    8                 handwriting recognition with no dependencies  on
    9                 external  engines. Its  conversion utilities can
   10                 convert    text   between   various   encodings.
   11                 Keyboard  input   maps  can  also  act like text
   12                 converters. There is no need for a pre-installed
   13                 multi-lingual environment. Menus are  translated
   14                 into many languages.
   16 Keywords:       X11, unicode, text editor
   17 Author:         gaspar@yudit.org (Gaspar Sinai)
   18 Primary-site:   metalab.unc.edu /pub/Linux/apps/editors/X
   19                 3800 kbytes yudit-3.0.7.tar.gz
   20 Alternate-site: http://www.yudit.org/
   21 Platforms:      X11,UNIX,Linux
   22 Copying-policy: GPL
   23 End