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    1 The NEWS file was generated from xterm.log.html, which serves as the changelog
    2 for xterm.
    3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    4                             Patch #368 - 2021/06/07
    6      * add  DefaultOff  option  to  RenderFont  resource,  as  part of the
    7        session-management feature.
    8      * add auto-scroll-lock feature (patch by add Stelios Bounanos).
    9      * update  the  window-size  information  returned via TIOCGWINSZ when
   10        rows/columns  are  unchanged  but  the font-size changes (report by
   11        Nick Black).
   12      * improve  session-management  feature  by  saving/restoring the font
   13        settings.
   14      * update config.guess, config.sub