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    1 MANIFEST for xterm-368, version xterm-368
    2 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    3 MANIFEST                        this file
    4 256colres.h                     resource-definitions for 256-color mode
    5 256colres.pl                    script to generate 256colres.h
    6 88colres.h                      resource definitions for 88-color mode
    7 88colres.pl                     script to generate 88colres.h
    8 AAA_README_VMS.txt              note for VMS port of 'xterm'
    9 COPYING                         license for this program
   10 INSTALL                         configure script: options and related install instructions
   11 Imakefile                       imake template for Makefile
   12 KOI8RXTerm.ad                   resources for koi8rxterm
   13 Makefile.in                     configure script template for Makefile
   14 README                          overview & caveats for 'xterm'
   15 README.i18n                     i18n readme:
   16 README.os390                    overview for os390 (EBCDIC) port of 'xterm'
   17 THANKS                          list of direct contributors
   18 TekPrsTbl.c                     Tek4014 parser state tables
   19 Tekparse.def                    template for generating Tekparse.h
   20 Tekparse.h                      Tek4014 parser-state definitions
   21 Tekproc.c                       Tek4014 parser-state functions
   22 Tests                           Useful tests for xterm-developers
   23 UXTerm.ad                       alternate resources for UTF-8
   24 VTPrsTbl.c                      VT100 parser state tables
   25 VTparse.def                     template for generating VTparse.h
   26 VTparse.h                       VT100 parser-state definitions
   27 XTerm-col.ad                    color resource definitions for XTerm class
   28 XTerm.ad                        resource definitions for XTerm class
   29 aclocal.m4                      configure script: custom macros
   30 button.c                        mouse button and selection processing
   31 cachedGCs.c                     maintain cache of GC's
   32 charclass.c                     compact character-class module
   33 charclass.h                     interface of charclass.c
   34 charproc.c                      VT100 parser functions
   35 charsets.c                      module to translate character-sets
   36 config.guess                    configure script: guess the system type
   37 config.sub                      configure script: validate system type
   38 configure                       generated
   39 configure.in                    template for generating configure script
   40 ctlseqs.ms                      documentation: Xterm Control Sequences
   41 ctlseqs.txt                     generated rendition of ctlseqs.ms
   42 cursor.c                        VT100 low-level cursor movement
   43 data.c                          global data declarations
   44 data.h                          global data external-definitions
   45 df-install.in                   utility script for desktop-files
   46 doublechr.c                     VT100 double-size character support
   47 error.h                         error-code definitions for 'xterm'
   48 fontutils.c                     xterm functions for (re)loading fonts
   49 fontutils.h                     interface of fontutils.c
   50 gen-charsets.pl                 script to convert codepages into code
   51 gen-pc-fkeys.pl                 script to generate extended function-key terminfo
   52 graphics.c                      graphics support functions for 'xterm'
   53 graphics.h                      interface of graphics.c
   54 graphics_regis.c                support for ReGIS
   55 graphics_regis.h                interface of graphics_regis.c
   56 graphics_sixel.c                support for Sixels
   57 graphics_sixel.h                interface of graphics_sixel.c
   58 html.c                          format HTML-screendumps
   59 input.c                         VT100 key-symbol and function-key translation
   60 install-sh                      install-script (needed by configure)
   61 keysym2ucs.c                    lookup-table for UTF-8 to keysyms
   62 keysym2ucs.h                    interface of keysym2ucs.c
   63 koi8rxterm                      KOI-8 wrapper from Debian (originally me)
   64 koi8rxterm.man                  manpage for koi8rxterm
   65 linedata.c                      manage all line-data for VT100 widget
   66 link_axp.com                    build-script for VMS port of xterm
   67 main.c                          main program of 'xterm'
   68 main.h                          default definitions for 'xterm'
   69 make.com                        build-script for VMS port of 'xterm'
   70 menu.c                          popup/pulldown menus for 'xterm'
   71 menu.h                          interface of menu.c
   72 minstall.in                     script for installing manpages
   73 misc.c                          miscellaneous utility functions for 'xterm'
   74 plink.sh                        script to prune unneeded libraries from link
   75 precompose.c                    table of precompose sequences
   76 precompose.h                    interface of precompose.c
   77 print.c                         VT100+ print support functions
   78 ptydata.c                       functions to manipulate data read from pty
   79 ptyx.h                          structure-definitions for 'xterm'
   80 resize.c                        program to compute/modify xterm's window size
   81 resize.man                      manual page for 'resize'
   82 run-tic.sh                      run tic, filtering out harmless messages
   83 screen.c                        VT100 screen update functions
   84 scrollback.c                    manage scrollback (a big FIFO)
   85 scrollbar.c                     VT100 scrollbar support functions
   86 sinstall.sh                     install setuid if existing program was
   87 svg.c                           format SVG-screendumps
   88 tabs.c                          VT100 tabstop support-functions
   89 termcap                         termcap entries for 'xterm'
   90 terminfo                        terminfo entries for 'xterm'
   91 testxmc.c                       testing: xmc/magic-cookies
   92 trace.c                         debugging trace functions for 'xterm'
   93 trace.h                         interface of trace.c
   94 util.c                          miscellaneous utility functions for 'xterm'
   95 uxterm                          wrapper script to make unicode-xterm
   96 uxterm.desktop                  sample desktop file for uxterm
   97 uxterm.man                      manpage for uxterm, from Debian
   98 version.c                       xterm package version, used also in resize
   99 version.h                       version of xterm
  100 vms.c                           VMS version of xterm's spawn(), etc.
  101 vms.h                           system headers and definitions for vms.c
  102 wcwidth.c                       wide-character utility functions
  103 wcwidth.h                       interface of wcwidth.c
  104 xcharmouse.h                    Jason Bacon's mouse-defs, cleaned up a little
  105 xstrings.c                      a few common string functions
  106 xstrings.h                      interface of xstrings.c
  107 xterm.appdata.xml               sample "appdata.xml" file
  108 xterm.dat                       application defaults for VMS port of 'xterm'
  109 xterm.desktop                   sample desktop file for xterm.
  110 xterm.h                         common includes, definitions and prototypes for 'xterm'
  111 xterm.log.html                  changelog for xterm
  112 xterm.man                       manual page for 'xterm'
  113 xterm_axp.opt                   linker options file for VMS port of 'xterm'
  114 xterm_io.h                      split-out definitions of termio/termios/sgtty and winsize from main.c, os2main.c, screen.c and resize.c
  115 xtermcap.c                      termcap-related functions.
  116 xtermcap.h                      interface of xtermcap.c
  117 xtermcfg.hin                    configure script: template for xtermcfg.h
  118 xutf8.c                         JC's cleanup of UTF8
  119 xutf8.h                         JC's cleanup of UTF8
  120 icons                           subdirectory
  121 icons/filled-xterm.png          filled-xterm variants
  122 icons/filled-xterm.svg          filled-xterm variants
  123 icons/filled-xterm.xpms         filled-xterm variants
  124 icons/filled-xterm_16x16.xpm    filled-xterm variants
  125 icons/filled-xterm_32x32.xpm    filled-xterm variants
  126 icons/filled-xterm_48x48.xpm    filled-xterm variants
  127 icons/make-xpms                 script to make combined xpm-icons
  128 icons/mini.xterm.svg            svg format for mini-icon
  129 icons/mini.xterm.xpms           collection of mini-icons
  130 icons/mini.xterm_16x16.png      mini-icon 16x16 png
  131 icons/mini.xterm_16x16.xpm      mini-icon 16x16 pixmap
  132 icons/mini.xterm_256x256.png    mini-icon 256x256 png
  133 icons/mini.xterm_32x32.png      mini-icon 32x32 png
  134 icons/mini.xterm_32x32.xpm      mini-icon 32x32 pixmap
  135 icons/mini.xterm_48x48.png      mini-icon 48x48 png
  136 icons/mini.xterm_48x48.xpm      mini-icon 48x48 pixmap
  137 icons/terminal_48x48.svg        svg-format of "terminal"
  138 icons/terminal_48x48.xpm        xpm-format of "terminal"
  139 icons/xterm-color.png           xterm-color 48x48, in png-format
  140 icons/xterm-color.svg           xterm-color icon
  141 icons/xterm-color.xpms          collection of color icons
  142 icons/xterm-color_16x16.xpm     16x16 color icon
  143 icons/xterm-color_32x32.xpm     32x32 color icon
  144 icons/xterm-color_48x48.xpm     48x48 color icon
  145 icons/xterm.png                 xterm 48x48, in png-format
  146 icons/xterm.svg                 xterm icon
  147 icons/xterm.xpms                collection of icons
  148 icons/xterm_16x16.xpm           normal icon 16x16 pixmap
  149 icons/xterm_32x32.xpm           32x32 monochrome icon
  150 icons/xterm_48x48.xpm           48x48 monochrome icon
  151 package/debian                  subdirectory
  152 package/debian/changelog        build-script
  153 package/debian/color.sed        build-script
  154 package/debian/compat           build-script
  155 package/debian/control          build-script
  156 package/debian/copyright        build-script
  157 package/debian/postinst         post-install script for update-alternatives
  158 package/debian/prerm            pre-remove script for update-alternatives
  159 package/debian/rules            build-script
  160 package/debian/source           subdirectory
  161 package/debian/source/format    build-script
  162 package/debian                  subdirectory
  163 package/debian/watch            build-script
  164 package/debian/xterm-dev.docs   build-script
  165 package/debian/xterm-dev.lintian-overrides  ignore useless warnings from lintian
  166 package/debian/xterm-dev.menu   Debian menu-file for xterm-dev package.
  167 package/debian/xterm-xres.sed   build-script
  168 package/freebsd                 subdirectory
  169 package/freebsd/Makefile        build-script
  170 package/freebsd/distinfo        generated sums
  171 package/freebsd/pkg-descr       build-script
  172 package/freebsd/pkg-message     build-script
  173 package/freebsd/pkg-message.wchar  build-script
  174 package/freebsd/pkg-plist       build-script
  175 package/pkgsrc                  subdirectory
  176 package/pkgsrc/DESCR            build-script
  177 package/pkgsrc/Makefile         build-script
  178 package/pkgsrc/PLIST            build-script
  179 package/pkgsrc/distinfo         build-script
  180 package/pkgsrc/options.mk       build-script
  181 package                         subdirectory
  182 package/xterm.spec              build-script
  183 tektests                        subdirectory
  184 tektests/aitest.tek             tek4014 demo: draw a globe
  185 tektests/dmerc.tek              tek4014 demo: draws a Mercator projection with orbit
  186 tektests/fotest.tek             tek4014 demo: draw a scatterplot on log scale
  187 tektests/imtest.tek             tek4014 demo: draw a test pattern
  188 tektests/imtesth.tek            tek4014 demo: draw a test pattern
  189 tektests/ocpred.tek             tek4014 demo: an occultation prediction
  190 tektests/usmap.tek              tek4014 demo: a US map
  191 unicode                         subdirectory
  192 unicode/README                  description of files in ./unicode
  193 unicode/convmap.pl              perl script for generating the lookup table for UTF-8 to keysym
  194 unicode/keysym.map              keysym mapping from UTF-8
  195 unicode/make-precompose.sh      make precompose.c
  196 unicode/precompose.c.head       header of precompose.c
  197 unicode/precompose.c.tail       tail of precompose.c
  198 vttests                         subdirectory
  199 vttests/16colors.sh             test-script to show 16-colors
  200 vttests/256colors.pl            script to illustrate 256-colors
  201 vttests/256colors2.pl           fancy test-script for 256-colors
  202 vttests/88colors.pl             sample script showing 88-colors
  203 vttests/88colors2.pl            sample script showing 88-colors
  204 vttests/8colors.sh              test-script to illustrate 8-colors
  205 vttests/acolors.sh              demonstrate changing the ANSI colors
  206 vttests/closest-rgb.pl          demo of color-distances
  207 vttests/doublechars.sh          test script to demonstrate doublesize chars
  208 vttests/dynamic.pl              demo for dynamic colors
  209 vttests/dynamic.sh              script to illustrate the dynamic colors control sequence
  210 vttests/dynamic2.sh             complete example of dynamic colors
  211 vttests/fonts.sh                script to demonstrate font-switching sequences
  212 vttests/modify-keys.pl          illustrate modifyOtherKeys with a table
  213 vttests/mouse-codes             demo script for mouse-codes
  214 vttests/other-sgr.sh            demonstrate non-VTxx SGRs
  215 vttests/paste64.pl              script to test base64-selection option
  216 vttests/print-vt-chars.pl       demo-script
  217 vttests/query-color.pl          demonstrate OSC 4
  218 vttests/query-dynamic.pl        demonstrate OSC 10 to OSC 19
  219 vttests/query-fonts.pl          script to demo/test font-querying
  220 vttests/query-status.pl         query DECRQSS status
  221 vttests/query-xres.pl           test/demo for DCS+Q
  222 vttests/report-sgr.pl           demonstrate report-sgr
  223 vttests/resize.pl               translated resize.sh to perl since it is easy to test, and I needed
  224 vttests/resize.sh               script to demonstrate resizing
  225 vttests/sgrPushPop.pl           demonstrate xterm SGR push/pop
  226 vttests/sgrPushPop2.pl          demonstrate xterm SGR push/pop for colors
  227 vttests/tcapquery.pl            script to test tcap-query option
  228 vttests/title.sh                test-script to show title of xterm in action