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    1 This directory contains a number of sample Emacs dynamic modules.
    2 These modules can be loaded with the command 'M-x load-module'.
    4 To compile one of these modules, simply enter the desired directory
    5 and type 'make'. Then, from within Emacs, load the module by
    6 specifying the path to the directory which contains the compiled
    7 module.
    9 Each of these samples describes different features and limitations
   10 of the Emacs module loading technology. Please refer to the README
   11 files in each directory for a brief discussion on what the sample
   12 in that directory is demonstrating.  For a complete discussion on
   13 Emacs dynamic modules, please consult the Emacs Module Writers Guide,
   14 which can be found in the ../info directory.
   16 NOTE: As this technology matures, this directory will eventually contain
   17 large parts of XEmacs itself, which will be loaded in as required.