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    1 The files in this directory contain source code for the XEmacs
    2 facilities written in Emacs Lisp.  *.el files are Elisp source, and
    3 *.elc files are byte-compiled versions of the corresponding *.el
    4 files.  Byte-compiled files are architecture-independent.
    6 #### Someone please update this.
    8 bogus> When XEmacs starts up, it adds all subdirectories of the
    9 bogus> site-lisp directory.  The site-lisp directory normally exists
   10 bogus> only in installation trees.  For more information about the
   11 bogus> site-lisp directory see the NEWS file.
   13 bogus> After XEmacs adds all subdirectories of the site-lisp
   14 bogus> directory, it adds all subdirectories of this directory to the
   15 bogus> load-path (the list of directories to be searched when loading
   16 bogus> files.)  To speed up this process, this directory has been
   17 bogus> rearranged to have very few files at the top-level, so that
   18 bogus> emacs doesn't have to stat() several hundred files to find the
   19 bogus> dozen or so which are actually subdirectories.
   21 bogus> Directories whose names begin with "-" or "." are not added to
   22 bogus> the default load-path.
   24 The only files which remain at top-level are those which you might
   25 reasonably want to alter when installing or customizing XEmacs at your
   26 site.  The files which may appear at top level are:
   28 	paths.el	You may need to change the default pathnames here,
   29 			but probably not.  This is loaded before XEmacs is
   30 			dumped.
   32 	site-init.el	To pre-load additional libraries into XEmacs and dump
   33 			them in the executable, load them from this file.
   34 			Read the instructions in this file for a description
   35 			of how to do this.
   37 	site-load.el	This is like site-init.el, but if you want the 
   38 			docstrings of your preloaded libraries to be kept in
   39 			the DOC file instead of in the executable, you should
   40 			load them from this file instead.  To do this, you must
   41 			also cause them to be scanned when the DOC file is
   42 			generated by editing ../src/Makefile.in.in and
   43 			rerunning configure.
   45 	site-start.el	This is loaded each time XEmacs starts up, before the
   46 			user's .emacs file.
   48 	default.el	This is loaded each time XEmacs starts up, after the
   49 			user's .emacs file, unless .emacs sets the variable
   50 			inhibit-default-init to t.
   52 	version.el	This contains the version information for XEmacs.