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    1 The OO-Browser is a tool for examining object oriented code.
    3 The OO-Browser is a candidate for XEmacs packaging as of 2003-07-01,
    4 and may be available in an XEmacs package archive mirror near you.  If
    5 this file has not been updated recently, please ask about status on
    6 xemacs-beta@xemacs.org, and remind us to update this file.
    8 The most recent upstream version of this package is available from
    9 SourceForge, http://projects.sourceforge.net/oo-browser/.  There
   10 apparently is no longer any commercial support, but you might query
   11 the owner of the SourceForge project (at the time of this writing, Bob
   12 Weiner <bwcto@users.sourceforge.net>).