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    1 /*
    2  *  main.h
    3  *
    4  *  external-function-definitions
    5  *  21.10.02 tn@xcdroast.org
    6  *
    7  *
    8  *  Copyright (C) 1995, 1996, 1997 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
    9  *
   10  *  This file is part of xcdroast.
   11  *
   12  *  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
   13  *  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
   14  *  the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
   15  *  (at your option) any later version.
   16  *
   17  *  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
   18  *  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
   20  *  GNU General Public License for more details.
   21  *
   22  *  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
   23  *  along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
   24  *  Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
   25  */
   28 gint check_screensize(gint bigfonts);
   29 gint tbf(gint koord);
   31 void my_center_dialog(GtkWidget *dialog);
   32 gint show_dialog(gchar *icon_file, gchar *text, gchar *btn1, gchar *btn2, gchar *btn3, gint defbutton); 
   33 void show_about_dialog();
   34 gint show_fancy_dialog(gchar *htext, gchar *ttext, gchar *btn1, gchar *btn2, gint defbutton);
   35 void define_tooltip(GtkWidget *widget, gchar *text);
   36 void clear_sidespace();
   37 void clear_workspace();
   38 void clear_actionspace();
   39 void set_sidebar_width();
   40 gboolean logo_on_expose(GtkWidget *widget, GdkEventExpose *event, cairo_surface_t *img);
   41 GtkWidget *display_logo(cairo_surface_t *logo, gchar *logo_text);
   42 gint init(gint argc, gchar *argv[], gint *altdevscan);
   43 void create_main(gint confignotloaded);
   44 void create_setup();
   45 void create_duplicate();
   46 void create_create();
   47 void set_font_and_color(GtkWidget *widget, gchar *font, gchar *color);
   48 void set_font_and_color_frame(GtkWidget *widget, gchar *font, gchar *color);
   49 void set_labelcolor(GtkWidget *widget, gchar *color);
   50 void set_clist_row_font(GtkCList *clist, gint row, gchar *ffont);
   51 void set_clist_row_color(GtkCList *clist, gint row, gchar *color);
   52 void free_glist(GList **list);
   53 void copy_glist(GList **dst, GList *src);
   54 void del_glist_link(GList **list, gchar *str);
   55 gint check_in_glist(GList **list, gchar *str);
   56 gint check_in_mstr_glist(GList **list, gchar *str);
   57 void del_mstr_glist_link(GList **list, gchar *str, gint del_both);
   58 void add_redir_mstr_glist(GList **list, gchar *str, gchar *new);
   59 void extract_mstr_path_from_clist(gchar *in, gchar *out);
   60 void get_redir_path_from_mstr_glist(GList **list, gchar *str, gchar *ret);
   61 void get_spawn_path(gchar *app, gchar *ret);
   63 void get_scsi_type_string(gchar *str, gint type, gint removeable);
   64 void scanbus(gint altdevscan);
   65 void scandrivers();
   66 void scancharsets();
   67 void scanoptions(gint write_devnr);
   68 GList *get_dsp_devices();
   69 gchar *gen_mix_from_dspdev(gchar *dsp, gchar *ret);
   70 gchar *get_uname_info(gchar *str);
   71 gint save_setup_config(gchar *confdir, gchar *fname);
   72 gint load_setup_config(gchar *fname, gint rootconf);
   73 void get_cd_toc(gint devnr);
   74 void get_cd_toc_and_volid(gint devnr);
   75 pid_t full_dpl_pipe_shell(gint *out, gint *in, gchar *cmd);
   76 gint query_mixer();
   77 gint set_mixer(gint val);
   78 void kill_readcdda();
   79 gint read_audio_track(gint devnr, gint starttrack, gint endtrack, gint kbyte,
   80                       gchar *fname, gint startoffset, gint endoffset,
   81                       gint nrtracks, gfloat percent, gfloat percent_done,
   82               gint viewtrack);
   83 gint read_data_track(gint devnr, gint starttrack, gint kbyte,                                         gchar *fname, gint startoffset, gint endoffset,
   84                       gint nrtracks, gfloat percent, gfloat percent_done,
   85               gint viewtrack);
   86 gint verify_audio_track(gint devnr, gint starttrack, gint endtrack, gint kbyte,
   87                       gchar *fname, gint startoffset, gint endoffset,
   88                       gint nrtracks, gfloat percent, gfloat percent_done,
   89               gint viewtrack);
   90 gint verify_data_track(gint devnr, gint starttrack, gint kbyte,                                       gchar *fname, gint startoffset, gint endoffset,
   91                       gint nrtracks, gfloat percent, gfloat percent_done,
   92               gint viewtrack);
   94 void ctree_change_viewmode(gint showfiles, gint showhidden);
   95 void ctree_unselect_all();
   96 void ctree_get_selected(GList **retsel);
   97 void ctree_expand_manualpath(GtkWidget* entry, gchar *altstring);
   98 GtkCTree *create_directory_ctree(gchar *basedir,gchar *title, GtkWidget *win, GtkWidget *entry, gint showfiles, gint showhidden, gint mastermenu);
   99 gint check_iso_file(gint devnr, gchar *isoname, gchar *volid, gint startsec);
  100 gint save_text2file(char *fname, GtkWidget *txt);
  101 gint write_copy_cd_toc_file(gchar *tocfile);
  102 gint read_copy_cd_toc_file(gchar *tocfile);
  103 gint write_inf_file(track_read_param_t *trackparam);
  104 gint get_inf_tracktitle(gchar *path, image_files_t *entry);
  105 void fill_device_info(gint devnr, GtkWidget *txt);
  106 void eject_cd(gint devnr);
  107 void load_cd(gint devnr);
  108 void get_atip_info(gint devnr, GtkWidget *txt);
  109 void get_msinfo_info(gint devnr, gint *nr1, gint *nr2);
  110 void scanblankmodes();
  111 gint read_info_sector_from_file(gchar *isoname, gchar *buf, gint bsize);
  112 gint read_info_sector_from_dev(gint devnr, gchar *buf, gint bsize, gint startsector);
  113 gint start_blanking_process(gint devnr, GtkWidget *text_window);
  114 gint start_bulk_read_action(gint devnr, gfloat percent_done, gint startnr);
  115 gint start_write_action(gint devnr);
  116 gint start_write_onthefly_action(gint read_devnr, gint write_devnr);
  117 gint start_write_fixate_only(gint devnr);
  118 gint start_delete_action(GList *delfiles);
  119 gint start_cddb_lookup_action(gint mode);
  120 gint continue_cddb_lookup_action(gint match);
  121 void test_dspdevice_play();
  122 gint save_isooptions_file(gchar *confdir, gchar *fname);
  123 gint load_isooptions_file(gchar *fname);
  124 gint save_isoheaders_file(gchar *confdir, gchar *fname);
  125 gint load_isoheaders_file(gchar *fname);
  126 gint save_writeoptions_file(gchar *confdir, gchar *fname);
  127 gint load_writeoptions_file(gchar *fname);
  129 gint get_free_space(gchar *path, gchar *filesystem);
  130 gint convert_devnr2devstring(gint devnr, gchar *str);
  131 gint convert_devnr2vendor(gint devnr, gchar *str);
  132 gint convert_devnr2model(gint devnr, gchar *str);
  133 gint convert_devnr2busid(gint devnr, gchar *str);
  134 gint convert_devnr2busid_dev(gint devnr, gchar *str);
  135 void convert_kbytes2mbminstring(gint kbytes, gchar *str);
  136 void convert_kbytes2mbcorrectminstring(gint kbytes, gchar *str);
  137 void convert_kbytes2mbstring(gint kbytes, gchar *str);
  138 void convert_frames2mbminstring(gint frames, gchar *str);
  139 void convert_sectors2mbminstring(gint frames, gchar *str);
  140 void convert_frames2mbstring(gint frames, gchar *str);
  141 void convert_frames2minstring(gint frames, gchar *str);
  142 gint is_directory(gchar *path);
  143 gint is_not_directory(gchar *path);
  144 gint is_file(gchar *path);
  145 gchar *get_basedir(gchar *dir);
  146 gint is_subdirs(gchar *path);
  147 gint is_subfiles(gchar *path);
  148 void show_dir_tree(gchar *retvalue);
  149 GtkWidget *rightjust_gtk_label_new(gchar *txt);
  150 GtkWidget *leftjust_gtk_label_new(gchar *txt);
  151 void show_file_selector(gchar *title, gint mode, gchar *defname, gchar *retvalue);
  152 gchar *strip_string(gchar *str);
  153 gchar *escape_parse(gchar *str);
  154 gchar *convert_escape(gchar *str);
  155 gchar *convert_escape2(gchar *str);
  156 gchar *convert_escape3(gchar *str);
  157 gint remove_illegal_chars(gchar *str);
  158 void remove_illegal_chars_iconv(gchar *str);
  159 gint decode_title_artist(gchar *str, gchar *title, gchar *artist);
  160 gint show_cddb_query(GtkWidget *cdtext_parent, gint onthefly);
  161 gint scan_imagedirs();
  162 gint determine_disc_type(gchar *type_name, gint mode);
  163 gint determine_free_space(gint *biggestfree);
  164 gint read_line(gint fd, gchar *ptr, gint maxlen);
  165 gint read_io_channel_all(GIOChannel *channel, gchar *ptr, gint maxlen);
  166 gint read_io_channel(GIOChannel *channel, gchar *ptr, gint maxlen);
  167 gint read_line_wait(gint fd, gchar *ptr, gint maxlen);
  168 gint allocate_track_filenames(gint *overwrite, gint *overwritebiggest);
  169 gint scan_for_toc_files();
  170 void print_trackreadset();
  171 gint show_mstr_redir(gchar *dir, gchar *ret);
  172 gint show_and_do_read_tracks(gint devnr, gint bulk);
  173 void show_device_detail(gint devnr);
  174 void display_atip_info(gint devnr);
  175 void wait_and_process_events();
  176 void display_blank_cdrw(gint devnr);
  177 void display_advwriteoptions(gint devnr);
  178 gint check_write_files(gint nosizecheck);
  179 gint show_and_do_write_tracks(gint devnr, gint read_devnr, gint onthefly);
  180 off_t get_size_from_imagelist(gchar *tname);
  181 gint get_type_from_imagelist(gchar *tname);
  182 gint get_tracknr_from_imagelist(gchar *tname);
  183 gint get_discid_from_imagelist(gchar *tname, gchar *ret);
  184 gint get_volname_from_imagelist(gchar *tname, gchar *ret);
  185 image_files_t *get_entry_from_imagelist(gchar *tname);
  186 gint show_and_do_delete(GList *delfiles);
  187 gint show_and_do_verify_tracks(gint devnr);
  188 void show_setup_dsptest();
  189 gint extract_quoted(gchar *str);
  190 gint read_line2(gint fd, gchar *ptr, gint maxlen, gint timeout);
  191 gint writen(gint fd, gchar *ptr, gint nbytes, gint newline);
  192 gint check_wav_file(gchar *wavname);
  193 gchar *check_tilde(gchar *str);
  194 gchar *get_pw_home(gint uid);
  195 gint parse_config_line(gchar *iline, gchar *id, gchar *value);
  196 gint parse_config_line2(gchar *iline, gchar *id, gchar *value, gchar *value2);
  197 gint allocate_master_filename(gint size, gint nr, gchar **return_fname,
  198         gint *overwrite, gint *overwritebiggest);
  199 void sort_glist(GList *filelist);
  200 void sort_int_glist(GList *intlist);
  201 gint show_request_redirect_path(gchar *path, gchar *ret);
  202 gint show_request_redirect_path_multiple(gchar *commonstr, gint nrpaths, gchar *ret);
  203 void wavplay_frontend(GtkWidget *widget);
  204 void wavplay_dodouble();
  206 off_t is_std_wav_file(int f, off_t *offset);
  208 void dodebug(gint debuglevel, gchar *fmt, ...);
  209 void dolog(gint loglevel, gchar *fmt, ...);
  210 void dobeep(gint type);
  211 gint verify_loaded_config();
  212 gint check_vrfy_track(gchar *fname);
  213 void assign_trackname(gchar *titlestr, image_files_t *entry);
  214 gint is_on_writelist(gchar *file);
  215 void clear_trackreadset();
  217 void show_mkisofs_check_output(gint automode,  gint *timeout);
  218 gint fill_mkisofs_check_info(GtkWidget *text_window);
  219 gint show_and_start_master();
  220 gint start_master_action();
  221 gint start_onthefly_master_action(gint write_devnr);
  223 gint check_version_cdrecord(gchar *match, gchar *found, gint *isProDVD);
  224 gint check_version_mkisofs(gchar *match, gchar *found);
  225 gint check_version_cdda2wav(gchar *match, gchar *found);
  226 gint check_version_readcd(gchar *match, gchar *found);
  227 gint check_version_shell();
  228 gint check_version_wrapper(gchar *tmp);
  230 gint stat_file(gchar *file);
  231 gint does_support_burnproof(gint devnr);
  232 gint does_support_varirec(gint devnr);
  233 gint does_support_audiomaster(gint devnr);
  234 gint does_support_forcespeed(gint devnr);
  235 gint isroot();
  236 gint check_pw_user(gchar *name);
  237 gint get_file_owner(gchar *path);
  238 gint match_group_name(gid_t gid, gchar *group);
  239 void return_group_name(gid_t gid, gchar *ret);
  240 void return_user_name(uid_t uid, gchar *ret);
  241 gint check_group_exists(gchar *name);
  242 void parse_alt_devs(gchar *str);
  243 gchar *get_wrap_path(gchar *cmd, gchar *ret);
  244 gint get_gracetime();
  245 gint is_dir_writeable(gchar *dir);
  246 gint extract_singlequoted(gchar *str);
  247 void set_sectorsize(gint devnr, gint size);
  248 gint get_sectorsize(gint devnr);
  249 void get_chown_cmd(gchar *cmd);
  250 void get_chgrp_cmd(gchar *cmd);
  251 void get_chmod_cmd(gchar *cmd);
  253 gint simple_exec(gchar *line);
  254 void add_to_nonrootvalues(GList **list, gchar *path, gint uid, gint gid, gint mode);
  255 void free_nonrootvalues(GList **list);
  257 void edit_cdtext_clicked(GtkWidget *widget, gpointer data);
  258 void switch_artist_title(gchar *dtitle);
  259 void get_artist_and_title_from_cddb(gchar *dtitle, gchar *artist, gchar *title);
  260 void get_title_artist_from_xinf(gchar *file, gchar *artist, gchar *title);
  261 void fill_cdlist();
  262 gint show_edit_cdtext(gint mode, GtkWidget *writetoc_menu);
  263 void cdtext_set_dtitle(gchar *dtitle);
  264 void cdtext_set_ttitle(gchar *ttitle, gint nr);
  265 void edit_xinf_for_cd_text(gchar *trackfile, gchar *tocfile);
  266 gint move_textfile(gchar *src, gchar *target);
  267 void edit_title_artist_in_toc_file(gchar *tocfile, gchar *title, gchar *artist);
  268 void edit_title_artist_in_xinf_file(gchar *trackfile, gchar *title, gchar *artist);
  269 gint create_tmp_writetracks_tocfile(gchar *tocfile);
  270 void generate_tmp_tocfile_name(gchar *tocfile);
  271 void get_cdtitle_from_tmp_tocfile(gchar *tocfile, gchar *cdtitle);
  272 void fill_write_tracks();
  273 void fill_writelist2(GtkCList *llist, GtkWidget *lentry);
  274 void redraw_writelist(GtkCList *llist, GtkWidget *lentry);
  275 void clear_mstr_glist(GList **list);
  276 gint save_master_list(gchar *fname);
  277 gint load_master_list(gchar *fname);
  278 void generate_tmp_file_name(gchar *ext, gchar *file1);
  279 gint write_empty_file(gchar *fname);
  280 gint write_inf_file_for_master(gchar *fname, gint tracknr);
  281 void get_msinfo_from_imagelist(gchar *tname, gint *nr1, gint *nr2);
  282 gint is_a_sony(gint devnr);
  283 gint check_islink(gchar *file, gchar *link);
  284 gint compare_versions(gchar *gotversion, gchar *minimal_version);
  285 void get_common_path_component(GList *dirs, gchar *common);
  286 gint show_mstr_redir_multi(gchar *commondir, gint nrpaths, gchar *ret);
  287 void get_subheader(gchar *buf, gchar *text, gint start, gint end);
  288 gint do_driveropts(gchar *out, gint devnr);
  289 void remove_tmp_xcdr_files();
  290 void remove_master_dir_by_drag(GList *sel);
  291 gchar *url_encode(gchar *s, gint len, gint *new_length);
  292 gint extract_single_drag_filename(gchar *dragtext, gint draglen, gchar *rettext);
  293 gint extract_glist_drag_filenames(gchar *dragtext, gint draglen, gchar *match, GList **dst);
  294 gint create_device_scanning(gint scanparam, gint manual, gint withlogo, gchar *devicestr);
  295 void scanbus_new(GtkWidget *txt, gint scanparam);
  296 void scanbus_new_single(gchar *devstr, GtkWidget *txt);
  297 gint get_writerreaderdevs_index(gint devnr);
  298 gint writemode_supported(gint mode, gint devnr);
  299 void free_writerreader_data();
  300 void preselect_write_mode_menu(GtkWidget *omenu, gint devnr);
  301 gint show_add_manual_device(gchar *newdev);
  302 void remove_from_writerreader_data(gint devnr);
  303 gint get_last_writerreaderdevs_index();
  304 void store_win_geometry(GtkWidget *win);
  305 gint set_win_geometry(GtkWidget *win);
  306 void set_xcdr_title(GtkWidget *dialog, GtkWidget *dialog2, gint val);
  307 gint run_sudo_command(gchar *cmd);
  308 void scanbus_rscsi(gchar *devstr, GtkWidget *txt);
  309 gint get_writerreaderdevs_index_from_devstr(gchar *devstr);
  310 gint check_valid_isrc_mcn(gchar *tname);
  311 gint verify_mcn(gchar *mcn);
  312 gint verify_isrc(gchar *isrc);
  313 gint clear_isrc_mcn_from_tracks();
  314 gint clear_isrc_mcn_from_inffile(gchar *tname);
  315 gchar *get_reducedpath(gchar *dir, gchar *out);
  316 gint charset_convert_to_latin1(gchar *str, gchar *out);
  317 gint charset_convert_to_utf8(gchar *str, gchar *out);
  318 gchar *get_purefile(gchar *dir, gchar *out);
  319 gchar *return_media_type(gint devnr);
  320 void getmodesflags(gchar *dev, gchar *drvflags, gchar *drvmodes);
  321 void generate_tmp_prefix_name(gchar *tmpprefix); 
  322 gchar *pleaseinsertmedia();
  323 gint is_dvdwriter(gint devnr);
  324 GtkWidget *show_dialog_wait(gchar *icon_file, gchar *ttext);
  325 void show_dialog_wait_remove(GtkWidget *dialog);
  326 GtkWidget *my_gtk_dialog_new();
  327 gchar *convert_for_gtk2(gchar *str);
  328 gchar *convert_for_gtk2_filename(gchar *str);
  329 gchar *lookup_stock_icon(gchar *icon);
  330 gint exec_sudo(gchar *cmd);
  331 void append_to_text_view(GtkWidget *txt, gchar *tmp);
  332 void append_to_text_view_bold(GtkWidget *txt, gchar *tmp);
  333 void append_to_text_view_color(GtkWidget *txt, gchar *tmp, gchar *color);
  334 void set_dialog_disallow_delete();
  335 void set_dialog_allow_delete();
  336 gboolean get_dialog_delete_pressed();
  337 void clear_dialog_delete_pressed();
  338 void cancel_show_dialog();
  339 void set_wm_icon();
  340 void append_multiline_to_textview(gchar *str, gchar *trimstr, GtkWidget *txt, gchar *debugcmd);