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    2 X-CD-Roast 1.19
    3 ---------------
    5 The user-host-mode adds a feature to X-CD-Roast, that only a defined
    6 set of (local) users can start X-CD-Roast on a defined range of hosts.
    7 Its also possible to configure what permissions these users do have.
    8 (e.g. make it impossible to let them change the images directories or
    9 change the writer device.)
   12 Setup
   13 -----
   15 You need to compile X-CD-Roast with the option --enable-user-host-mode 
   16 to enable this feature.
   18  ./configure --enable-user-host-mode
   21 Setting the permissions
   22 -----------------------
   24 All the file permissions needed are set by the first start of X-CD-Roast
   25 automatically. You need X-CD-Roast start as the root-user for the 
   26 first configuration. After the permissions are set, create a default root
   27 configuration which will be saved in /etc/xcdroast.conf.
   30 Usage of the user-host-mode
   31 ---------------------------
   33 First the root user needs to configure X-CD-Roast in the Setup and
   34 save the configuration. Otherwise a normal user will not able to
   35 run X-CD-Roast.
   37 Root gets a new menu in setup, which allows him to define which users can
   38 start X-CD-Roast on which hosts. There is also the possibility of defining
   39 how much a user is allowed to change in the setup-menu. 
   40 It's possible that a normal user should not be able to change the
   41 cdwriter-device or the directory where image-files are created in. These
   42 settings apply to ALL allowed users. 
   43 Please see the tooltip-help for a detailed description of each option. 
   45 After root saved the configuration, all normal users (which have 
   46 been given permission by root via the setup) can start up X-CD-Roast.
   47 If root denied them access to some options in the setup, then this
   48 options are greyed out, and cannot be changed. 
   51 04.06.2017 Thomas Niederreiter (tn@xcdroast.org)