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Kodi Logo

Contributing to Kodi Home Theater

Looking to contribute code to Kodi Home Theater? Great! You landed on the right place and we appreciate you for taking the time. Can't code for your life? No shame in that. There's a lot more to the Kodi project than just code. Check out other ways to contribute.

First, a few words of caution: Kodi's huge codebase spans over 15 years of development, hundreds of volunteer developers from all walks of life and countless, sleepless hours. Please remember that somewhere in between your first WTH? and before you start ranting or splitting hairs.

Also, always keep in mind that for many of us English is not our native language. What might come across as discourteous is probably an unintended side effect of the language barrier. Usage of emoticons is highly encouraged. They are great to convey, er, emotions and state of mind.

Getting Started

Before you start coding we advise you to build Kodi's master branch. This will save you and us precious time by making sure a proper build environment is set up and all dependencies are met. For your convenience, build guides are available for most common platforms. A git guide is also available, streamlined to Kodi's development workflow. Unless you're a git ninja, please read it carefully.
If you are a git ninja, we feel happy and sad for you at the same time. Your soul might be lost to the dark side already but worry not, we have cookies!


Reviews are a great way to get familiar with the codebase. If you would like to start with reviewing just use this handy github filter to see PRs that are in need of one (we have plenty!).

Pull request guidelines

Coding guidelines

Updating your PR

Making a pull request adhere to the standards above can be difficult. If the maintainers notice anything that they'd like changed, they'll ask you to edit your pull request before it gets merged. There's no need to open a new pull request, just edit the existing one. If you're not sure how to do that, our git guide provides a step by step guide. If you're still not sure, ask us for guidance. We're all fairly proficient with git and happy to be of assistance.