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    1 #ifndef VNSTATI_H
    2 #define VNSTATI_H
    4 typedef struct {
    5     int cache, help;
    6     int32_t limit;
    7     char interface[32], filename[512], cfgfile[512];
    8     FILE *pngout;
    9 } IPARAMS;
   11 void initiparams(IPARAMS *p);
   12 void showihelp(IPARAMS *p);
   13 void parseargs(IPARAMS *p, IMAGECONTENT *ic, int argc, char **argv);
   14 void validateinput(IPARAMS *p);
   15 void handlecaching(IPARAMS *p, IMAGECONTENT *ic);
   16 void handledatabase(IPARAMS *p, IMAGECONTENT *ic);
   17 void validateoutput(IPARAMS *p);
   18 void writeoutput(IPARAMS *p, IMAGECONTENT *ic);
   20 void showsupportedfileextensions(void);
   21 #endif
   23 #endif