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Member "vnstat-2.9/src/vnstat_func.h" (10 Jan 2022, 1166 Bytes) of package /linux/misc/vnstat-2.9.tar.gz:

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    1 #ifndef VNSTAT_FUNC__H
    2 #define VNSTAT_FUNC__H
    4 typedef struct {
    5     int query, setalias;
    6     int addiface, force, traffic;
    7     int livetraffic, defaultiface, removeiface, renameiface, livemode;
    8     int32_t limit;
    9     uint64_t dbifcount;
   10     char interface[32], alias[32], newifname[32], filename[512];
   11     char definterface[32], cfgfile[512], *ifacelist, jsonmode, xmlmode;
   12     char databegin[18], dataend[18];
   13     unsigned int alert, alertoutput, alertexit, alerttype, alertcondition;
   14     uint64_t alertlimit;
   15 } PARAMS;
   17 void initparams(PARAMS *p);
   18 void showhelp(PARAMS *p);
   19 void showlonghelp(PARAMS *p);
   20 void parseargs(PARAMS *p, const int argc, char **argv);
   21 int parsealertargs(PARAMS *p, char **argv);
   22 void showalerthelp(void);
   23 void showstylehelp(void);
   24 void handleshowalert(PARAMS *p);
   25 void handleremoveinterface(PARAMS *p);
   26 void handlerenameinterface(PARAMS *p);
   27 void handleaddinterface(PARAMS *p);
   28 void handlesetalias(PARAMS *p);
   29 void handleshowdata(PARAMS *p);
   30 void showoneinterface(PARAMS *p);
   31 void handletrafficmeters(PARAMS *p);
   32 void handleifselection(PARAMS *p);
   33 void showiflist(const int parseable);
   34 void showdbiflist(const int parseable);
   35 void validateinterface(PARAMS *p);
   37 #endif