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    1 #ifndef MISC_H
    2 #define MISC_H
    4 #define UNITPREFIXCOUNT 7
    6 #include "dbsql.h"
    8 typedef enum RequestType {
    9     RT_Normal = 1,
   10     RT_Estimate,
   11     RT_ImageScale
   12 } RequestType;
   14 typedef enum ListType {
   15     LT_None = 0,
   16     LT_5min,
   17     LT_Hour,
   18     LT_Day,
   19     LT_Month,
   20     LT_Year,
   21     LT_Top
   22 } ListType;
   24 int spacecheck(const char *path);
   25 void sighandler(int sig);
   26 uint64_t getbtime(void);
   27 char *getvalue(const uint64_t bytes, const int len, const RequestType type);
   28 int getunitspacing(const int len, const int index);
   29 char *gettrafficrate(const uint64_t bytes, const time_t interval, const int len);
   30 const char *getunitprefix(const int index);
   31 const char *getrateunitprefix(const int unitmode, const int index);
   32 uint64_t getunitdivisor(const int unitmode, const int index);
   33 int getunit(void);
   34 char *getratestring(const uint64_t rate, const int len, const int declen);
   35 int getratespacing(const int len, const int unitmode, const int unitindex);
   36 int getpadding(const int len, const char *str);
   37 void cursortocolumn(const int column);
   38 void cursorhide(void);
   39 void cursorshow(void);
   40 void eraseline(void);
   41 int validatedatetime(const char *str);
   42 int issametimeslot(const ListType listtype, const time_t entry, const time_t updated);
   43 uint64_t getperiodseconds(const ListType listtype, const time_t entry, const time_t updated, const short isongoing);
   44 void getestimates(uint64_t *rx, uint64_t *tx, const ListType listtype, const time_t updated, dbdatalist **dbdata);
   45 int ishelprequest(const char *arg);
   47 #endif