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Member "vnstat-2.9/src/cfg.h" (22 Jul 2021, 835 Bytes) of package /linux/misc/vnstat-2.9.tar.gz:

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    1 #ifndef CFG_H
    2 #define CFG_H
    4 struct cfgsetting {
    5     const char *name;
    6     char *locc;
    7     int32_t *loci;
    8     short namelen;
    9     short found;
   10 };
   12 typedef enum ConfigType {
   13     CT_All = 0,
   14     CT_CLI,
   15     CT_Daemon,
   16     CT_Image
   17 } ConfigType;
   19 int loadcfg(const char *cfgfile, const ConfigType type);
   20 void validatebool(const char *cfgname, int32_t *cfgptr, const int32_t defaultvalue);
   21 void validateint(const char *cfgname, int32_t *cfgptr, const int32_t defaultvalue, const int32_t minvalue, const int32_t maxvalue);
   22 void validatecfg(const ConfigType type);
   23 void defaultcfg(void);
   24 int opencfgfile(const char *cfgfile, FILE **fd);
   25 int extractcfgvalue(char *value, const unsigned int valuelen, const char *cfgline, const unsigned int cfglen);
   26 int setcfgvalue(const struct cfgsetting *cset, const char *value, const char *cfgline);
   27 void configlocale(void);
   29 #endif