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    2 # What is vnStat
    4 vnStat is a console-based network traffic monitor that uses the network
    5 interface statistics provided by the kernel as information source. This
    6 means that vnStat won't actually be sniffing any traffic and also ensures
    7 light use of system resources regardless of network traffic rate.
    9 By default, traffic statistics are stored on a five minute level for the last
   10 48 hours, on a hourly level for the last 4 days, on a daily level for the
   11 last 2 full months and on a yearly level forever. The data retention durations
   12 are fully user configurable. Total seen traffic and a top days listing is also
   13 provided. Optional image output is available in systems with the GD library
   14 installed.
   16 See the webpage https://humdi.net/vnstat/ for output examples.
   19 # Getting started
   21 vnStat works best when installed. See the INSTALL or INSTALL_BSD file
   22 depending on used operating system. These files contain all needed
   23 information for the installing process. Instructions for upgrading from
   24 a previous version are included in the UPGRADE file. Release notes
   25 can be found from the CHANGES file.
   28 # Available options and documentation
   30 A list of commonly used options is available with `vnstat --help`. The
   31 complete list can be accessed with `vnstat --longhelp`. The following
   32 man pages are available with more detailed descriptions of each option
   33 including some usage examples:
   35     vnstat          general documentation and console query parameters
   36     vnstatd         daemon documentation
   37     vnstati         image output documentation
   38     vnstat.conf     configuration file
   41 # Contacting the author
   43 email:    Teemu Toivola <tst at iki dot fi>
   44 irc:      Vergo (IRCNet)
   46 git:      https://github.com/vergoh/vnstat
   48 The current version of vnStat is always available from
   49 https://humdi.net/vnstat/
   51 Bug reports, improvement ideas, feature requests and pull requests should
   52 be sent using the matching features on GitHub as those are harder to miss
   53 or forget.