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    1 " Vim syntax file
    2 " Language: CUDA (NVIDIA Compute Unified Device Architecture)
    3 " Maintainer:   Timothy B. Terriberry <tterribe@users.sourceforge.net>
    4 " Last Change:  2018 Feb 06
    6 " quit when a syntax file was already loaded
    7 if exists("b:current_syntax")
    8   finish
    9 endif
   11 " Read the C++ syntax to start with
   12 runtime! syntax/cpp.vim
   14 " CUDA extentions
   15 syn keyword cudaStorageClass    __device__ __global__ __host__
   16 syn keyword cudaStorageClass    __constant__ __shared__
   17 syn keyword cudaStorageClass    __inline__ __align__ __thread__
   18 "syn keyword cudaStorageClass   __import__ __export__ __location__
   19 syn keyword cudaStructure   template
   20 syn keyword cudaType        char1 char2 char3 char4
   21 syn keyword cudaType        uchar1 uchar2 uchar3 uchar4
   22 syn keyword cudaType        short1 short2 short3 short4
   23 syn keyword cudaType        ushort1 ushort2 ushort3 ushort4
   24 syn keyword cudaType        int1 int2 int3 int4
   25 syn keyword cudaType        uint1 uint2 uint3 uint4
   26 syn keyword cudaType        long1 long2 long3 long4
   27 syn keyword cudaType        ulong1 ulong2 ulong3 ulong4
   28 syn keyword cudaType        float1 float2 float3 float4
   29 syn keyword cudaType        ufloat1 ufloat2 ufloat3 ufloat4
   30 syn keyword cudaType        dim3 texture textureReference
   31 syn keyword cudaType        cudaError_t cudaDeviceProp cudaMemcpyKind
   32 syn keyword cudaType        cudaArray cudaChannelFormatKind
   33 syn keyword cudaType        cudaChannelFormatDesc cudaTextureAddressMode
   34 syn keyword cudaType        cudaTextureFilterMode cudaTextureReadMode
   35 syn keyword cudaVariable    gridDim blockIdx blockDim threadIdx
   36 syn keyword cudaConstant    __DEVICE_EMULATION__
   37 syn keyword cudaConstant    cudaSuccess
   38 " Many more errors are defined, but only these are listed in the maunal
   39 syn keyword cudaConstant    cudaErrorMemoryAllocation
   40 syn keyword cudaConstant    cudaErrorInvalidDevicePointer
   41 syn keyword cudaConstant    cudaErrorInvalidSymbol
   42 syn keyword cudaConstant    cudaErrorMixedDeviceExecution
   43 syn keyword cudaConstant    cudaMemcpyHostToHost
   44 syn keyword cudaConstant    cudaMemcpyHostToDevice
   45 syn keyword cudaConstant    cudaMemcpyDeviceToHost
   46 syn keyword cudaConstant    cudaMemcpyDeviceToDevice
   47 syn keyword cudaConstant    cudaReadModeElementType
   48 syn keyword cudaConstant    cudaReadModeNormalizedFloat
   49 syn keyword cudaConstant    cudaFilterModePoint
   50 syn keyword cudaConstant    cudaFilterModeLinear
   51 syn keyword cudaConstant    cudaAddressModeClamp
   52 syn keyword cudaConstant    cudaAddressModeWrap
   53 syn keyword cudaConstant    cudaChannelFormatKindSigned
   54 syn keyword cudaConstant    cudaChannelFormatKindUnsigned
   55 syn keyword cudaConstant    cudaChannelFormatKindFloat
   57 hi def link cudaStorageClass    StorageClass
   58 hi def link cudaStructure   Structure
   59 hi def link cudaType        Type
   60 hi def link cudaVariable    Identifier
   61 hi def link cudaConstant    Constant
   63 let b:current_syntax = "cuda"
   65 " vim: ts=8