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Member "viewvc-1.2.1/templates/default/rss.ezt" (26 Mar 2020, 746 Bytes) of package /linux/misc/viewvc-1.2.1.tar.gz:

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    1 <?xml version="1.0"?>
    2 <rss version="2.0">
    3 <channel>
    4     <link>[rss_link_href]</link>
    5     <title>[rootname] checkins[if-any where] (in [where])[end]</title>
    7     <description>[is roottype "svn"]Subversion[else]CVS[end] commits to the[if-any where] [where] directory of the[end] [rootname] repository</description>
    9 	[for commits]<item>
   10         <title>[if-any commits.rev][commits.rev]: [end][[commits.author]] [commits.short_log]</title>
   11 		[if-any commits.rss_url]<link>[commits.rss_url]</link>[end]
   12 		<author>[commits.author]</author>
   13 		<pubDate>[if-any commits.rss_date][commits.rss_date][else](unknown date)[end]</pubDate>
   14 		<description>&lt;pre&gt;[format "xml"][commits.log][end]&lt;/pre&gt;</description>
   15     </item>[end]
   16 </channel>	
   17 </rss>