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    2 layout: docs
    3 page_title: Usage - Disks VMWare Provider
    4 sidebar_title: Usage
    5 description: |-
    6   HashiCorp develops an official VMware Fusion and VMware Workstation provider
    7   for Vagrant. This provider allows Vagrant to power VMware based machines and
    8   take advantage of the improved stability and performance that VMware software
    9   offers.
   10 ---
   12 # Usage
   14 ~> **Warning!** This feature is experimental and may break or
   15 change in between releases. Use at your own risk. It currently is not officially
   16 supported.
   18 This feature currently reqiures the experimental flag to be used. To explicitly enable this feature, you can set the experimental flag to:
   20 ```
   22 ```
   24 Please note that `VAGRANT_EXPERIMENTAL` is an environment variable. For more
   25 information about this flag visit the [Experimental docs page](/docs/experimental/)
   26 for more info. Without this flag enabled, any disks defined will not be configured.
   28 For examples of how to use the disk feature with VMWware, please refer to the
   29 [general disk usage guide](/docs/disks/usage) for more examples.
   31 ## provider_config options
   33 Vagrant supports some additional VMWware specific options for specifying disk.
   35 To define a provider specific option, please refer to the [Disk Options documentation page](/docs/disks/configuration) for more info.
   37 ### Note about options defined below
   39 It is possible these options could be out of date or stale. If you happen to see
   40 an option that has changed or is missing from this page, please open an issue
   41 or pull request on Vagrants GitHub page to correct this.
   43 - `bus_type` (string) - Sets the bus type when attaching the disk. Possible options are `sata`, `ide`, and `scsi`. Defaults to `scsi`
   44 - `adapter_type` (string) - Sets the adapter type when creating the disk. Possible options are `ide`, `buslogic` and `lsilogic`. Defaults to `lsilogic`