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    1 Please report any sensitive security-related bugs via email to the
    2 tzdb designated coordinators, currently Paul Eggert
    3 <eggert@cs.ucla.edu> and Tim Parenti <tim@timtimeonline.com>.
    4 Put "tzdb security" at the start of your email's subject line.
    5 We prefer communications to be in English.
    7 You should receive a response within a week. If not, please follow up
    8 via email to make sure we received your original message.
   10 If we confirm the bug, we plan to notify affected third-party services
   11 or software that we know about, prepare an advisory, commit fixes to
   12 the main development branch as quickly as is practical, and finally
   13 publish the advisory on tz@iana.org.  As with all tzdb contributions,
   14 we give credit to security contributors unless they wish to remain
   15 anonymous.