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1. About this Manual

We assume that the reader is already familiar with the task of an index processor and has basic experience in using a markup-based document preparation systems such as TeX/LaTeX [1, 2], the roff-family, or SGML-based systems (e.g. its instance HTML).

This document is structured as follows. The second part gives an overview on the index model that is used by our system and we define general concepts and terms. The third part contains a list of all index style commands, their syntax, and a description of their purpose. The reader should at least have read the first part of the manual to understand the basic terminology to be able to use the command reference. The fourth part describes the different processing phases the system runs through.

Invocation of xindy is not explained here. Please refer to the manual pages of the commands xindy, texindy, makeindex4, and to the 2nd edition of the LaTeX Companion. The xindy Web Site has more documentation, too.

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