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    1 Hello everyone,
    3 This is the release announcement of tcsh version 6.00.  Tcsh is a
    4 version of the Berkeley C-Shell, with the addition of: a command line
    5 editor, command and file name completion, listing, etc. and a bunch of
    6 small additions to the shell itself.
    8 Tcsh can now be distributed in full under the Berkeley Copywrite
    9 Agreement.  I wish to thank Keith Bostic at Berkeley for all the help
   10 in freeing the sources of most unix utilities for 4.4BSD.
   12 I also wish to thank the people from all around the world :-), who
   13 helped the beta testing, and followed all 28 patches of tcsh-5.99!
   15 You should be able to compile and run tcsh in most popular unix machines,
   16 and with a bit of tinkering it should run on anything that calls itself *ix.
   18 You can grab a copy of tcsh, from tesla.ee.cornell.edu:/pub/tcsh-6.00.tar.Z.
   20 Have fun, 
   22 christos