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Source code check for common misspellings in systemd-253.tar.gz (15 Feb 20:11, 11987237 Bytes)

About: systemd is a system and service manager for Linux, compatible with SysV and LSB init scripts.

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Original URL: https://github.com / systemd / systemd / archive/v253.tar.gz
Home page: https://systemd.io/
Source code spelling error rating grade: "A+"
Codespell report: Main analysis | Configuration details | False Positives (ignored) | History

Codespell report for "systemd" (253): Spelling errors and typos

The following analysis report is an extract of a source code spell check run done with the tool "codespell". Although some obviously incorrect matches (FPs) were already excluded there are very probably still some more FPs (often variable names) and naturally also overseen misspellings or typos (FNs). Even the suggested fixes may be not always correct so regard the entries below just as a rough indication. Some few further information can be found here.

An outstanding result: For the software package systemd-253.tar.gz gz the tool "codespell" found no spelling errors!

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