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    1 For creators of Linux distributions:
    3 Syslinux is a notoriously hard program to debug, since it runs outside
    4 of any operating system, and has a tendency to expose BIOS and
    5 hardware bugs on various systems.  Therefore, I would appreciate if
    6 you would resist the temptation of recompiling the Syslinux bootloader
    7 itself (ldlinux.asm) if at all possible.  If you do that, I will have
    8 to refer any bug reports I receive back to the respective distributor.
   10 However, I have no such concerns about recompiling the installer
   11 programs, and in fact, with both libc 5 and libc 6 in common use in
   12 the Linux world today I understand if you wish to relink the
   13 Linux-based installer against your system version of libc.  Therefore
   14 a special makefile targets "make installer" has been included with the
   15 Syslinux distribution, starting with version 1.42.
   17 To rebuild the installer programs *only*, starting from a freshly
   18 untarred distribution copy of Syslinux, do:
   20 	make clean
   21 	make installer
   23 If you want to remove all intermediate files, including the ones
   24 obtained from assembling ldlinux.asm and which are included in the
   25 distribution, do "make spotless".
   27 I appreciate your assistance in this matter.
   29 	H. Peter Anvin