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    1 --------------
    2 Compiling HDT
    3 --------------
    4 To build HDT, you just have to do a "make" call in this directory.
    6 ---------------------------
    7 Creating a bootable floppy
    8 --------------------------
    9 To build a bootable HDT floppy image, you can do a "make hdt.img" call.
   10 This will requires the mtools (http://mtools.linux.lu) to be installed.
   11 The script will try to pick several files from your system :
   12 - /lib/modules/`uname -r`/modules.alias
   13 - /lib/modules/`uname -r`/modules.pcimap
   14 - /usr/share/pci.ids or /usr/share/hwdata/pci.ids
   16 This paths can be overrided with the following command line:
   17 make MODULES_ALIAS_FILE=$(PWD)/floppy/modules.alias MODULES_PCIMAP_FILE=$(PWD)/floppy/modules.pcimap PCI_IDS_FILE=$(PWD)/floppy/pci.ids hdt.img
   19 If your system doesn't have pci.ids, please download it from http://pciids.sourceforge.net/ and put it into the floppy/ directory.