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    2 GCC & 32-bit code
    3 -----------------
    4 Due to the limitations of the COM file format,
    5 (64KB limit on memory footprint) the code has been changed
    6 so that the code compiles to a 32-bit COMBOOT program.
    7 Since the code makes use of BIOS calls, this code cannot be
    8 compiled into a format which can execute under Linux. As a
    9 side effect, there is no nice way to debug this code. In order
   10 to debug this code, you will have to run the code under syslinux.
   12 GCC & 16-bit code
   13 -----------------
   14 The code was ported to GCC by Peter Anvin.
   16 OpenWatcom & 16-bit code
   17 ------------------------
   18 Originally this code was written for the Openwatcom compiler
   19 and generated .COM files, which could execute under DOS as well as