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    8     <title>Shorewall and Ipsets</title>
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   12         <firstname>Tom</firstname>
   14         <surname>Eastep</surname>
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   49   <caution>
   50     <para><emphasis role="bold">This article applies to Shorewall 4.4 and
   51     later. If you are running a version of Shorewall earlier than Shorewall
   52     4.4.0 then please see the documentation appropriate for your
   53     version.</emphasis></para>
   54   </caution>
   56   <section id="Ipsets">
   57     <title>What are Ipsets?</title>
   59     <para>Ipsets are an extension to Netfilter/iptables that are available in
   60     <ulink url="http://xtables-addons.sourceforge.net/">xtables-addons</ulink>
   61     if they are not available in your current distribution. Instructions for
   62     installing xtables-addons may be found in the <ulink
   63     url="Dynamic.html">Dynamic Zones article</ulink>. Note that xtables-addons
   64     might not be required with the 'ipset' package provided by your
   65     distribution. See also the section <ulink
   66     url="configuration_file_basics.htm#capabilities">capabilities</ulink> in
   67     the <ulink url="configuration_file_basics.htm">configuration file basics
   68     article</ulink> and the <ulink url="Shorewall-Lite.html#Shorecap">Shorecap
   69     program</ulink>.</para>
   71     <para>Ipset allows you to create one or more named sets of addresses then
   72     use those sets to define Netfilter/iptables rules. Possible uses of ipsets
   73     include:</para>
   75     <orderedlist>
   76       <listitem>
   77         <para>Blacklists. Ipsets provide an efficient way to represent large
   78         sets of addresses and you can maintain the lists without the need to
   79         restart or even refresh your Shorewall configuration.</para>
   80       </listitem>
   82       <listitem>
   83         <para>Zone definition. Using the /etc/shorewall/hosts file, you can
   84         <ulink url="Dynamic.html">define a zone based on the (dynamic)
   85         contents of an ipset</ulink>. Again, you can then add or delete
   86         addresses to the ipset without restarting Shorewall.</para>
   87       </listitem>
   88     </orderedlist>
   90     <para>See the ipsets site (URL above) for additional information about
   91     ipsets.</para>
   92   </section>
   94   <section id="Support">
   95     <title>Shorewall Support for Ipsets</title>
   97     <para>Support for ipsets was introduced in Shorewall version 2.3.0. In
   98     most places where a host or network address may be used, you may also use
   99     the name of an ipset prefaced by "+".</para>
  101     <para>Example: "+Mirrors"</para>
  103     <para>When using Shorewall, the names of ipsets are restricted as
  104     follows:</para>
  106     <itemizedlist>
  107       <listitem>
  108         <para>They must begin with a letter (after the '+').</para>
  109       </listitem>
  111       <listitem>
  112         <para>They must be composed of letters, digits, dashes ("-") or
  113         underscores ("_").</para>
  114       </listitem>
  115     </itemizedlist>
  117     <para>To generate a negative match, prefix the "+" with "!" as in
  118     "!+Mirrors".</para>
  120     <para>Example 1: Blacklist all hosts in an ipset named "blacklist"</para>
  122     <para><filename>/etc/shorewall/blrules</filename><programlisting>#ACTION      SOURCE           DEST     PROTO    DPORT
  123 DROP         net:+blacklist</programlisting></para>
  125     <para>Example 2: Allow SSH from all hosts in an ipset named "sshok:</para>
  127     <para><filename>/etc/shorewall/rules</filename><programlisting>#ACTION      SOURCE           DEST     PROTO    DPORT
  128 ACCEPT       net:+sshok       $FW      tcp      22</programlisting></para>
  130     <para>The name of the ipset can be optionally followed by a
  131     comma-separated list of flags enclosed in square brackets ([...]). Each
  132     flag is either <emphasis role="bold">src</emphasis> or <emphasis
  133     role="bold">dst</emphasis> and specifies whether it is the SOURCE address
  134     or port number or the DESTINATION address or port number that should be
  135     matched. The number of flags must be appropriate for the type of ipset. If
  136     no flags are given, Shorewall assumes that the set takes a single flag and
  137     will select the flag based on the context. For example, in the blacklist
  138     file and when the ipset appears in the SOURCE column of the rules file,
  139     <emphasis role="bold">src</emphasis> is assumed. If the ipset appears in
  140     the DEST column of the rules file, <emphasis role="bold">dst</emphasis> is
  141     assumed. Note that by using <emphasis role="bold">[dst]</emphasis> in the
  142     blacklist file, you can coerce the rule into matching the destination IP
  143     address rather than the source.</para>
  145     <para>Beginning with Shorewall 4.4.14, multiple source or destination
  146     matches may be specified by placing multiple set names in '+[...]' (e.g.,
  147     +[myset,myotherset]). When so enclosed, the set names need not be prefixed
  148     with a plus sign. When such a list of sets is specified, matching packets
  149     must match all of the listed sets.</para>
  151     <para>Shorewall can save/restore your ipset contents with certain
  152     restrictions:</para>
  154     <orderedlist>
  155       <listitem>
  156         <para>You must set SAVE_IPSETS=Yes in <ulink
  157         url="manpages/shorewall.conf.html">shorewall.conf</ulink> (5).</para>
  158       </listitem>
  160       <listitem>
  161         <para>You must have at least one entry in the other configuration
  162         files that uses an ipset.</para>
  163       </listitem>
  165       <listitem>
  166         <para>You can use an ipset in <ulink
  167         url="manpages/shorewall-stoppedulres.html">shorewall-stoppedrules</ulink>
  168         (5), but SAVE_IPSET={Yes|ipv4} will not save such a set during 'stop'
  169         processing. Use Shorewall-init to save/restore your ipsets in this
  170         case (see below).</para>
  171       </listitem>
  173       <listitem>
  174         <para>The <command>restore</command> command cannot restore ipset
  175         contents saved by the <command>save</command> command unless the
  176         firewall is first stopped.</para>
  177       </listitem>
  178     </orderedlist>
  180     <para>Beginning with Shorewall 4.6.4, you can save selective ipsets by
  181     setting SAVE_IPSETS to a comma-separated list of ipset names. You can also
  182     restrict the group of sets saved to ipv4 sets by setting
  183     SAVE_IPSETS=ipv4.</para>
  185     <para>With Shorewall 4.6.4, the SAVE_IPSETS option may specify a list of
  186     ipsets to be saved. When such a list is specified, only those ipsets
  187     together with the ipsets supporting dynamic zones are saved. Shorewall6
  188     support for the SAVE_IPSETS option was also added in 4.6.4. When
  189     SAVE_IPSETS=Yes in <ulink
  190     url="manpages/shorewall.conf.html">shorewall6.conf(5)</ulink>, only ipv6
  191     ipsets are saved. For Shorewall, if SAVE_IPSETS=ipv4 in <ulink
  192     url="manpages/shorewall.conf.html">shorewall.conf(5)</ulink>, then only
  193     ipv4 ipsets are saved. Both features require ipset version 5 or
  194     later.</para>
  196     <caution>
  197       <para>After setting SAVE_IPSETS, it is important to recompile the
  198       firewall script (e.g., 'shorewall compile', 'shorewall reload' or
  199       'shorewall restart') before rebooting</para>
  200     </caution>
  202     <para>Although Shorewall can save the definition of your ipsets and
  203     restore them when Shorewall starts, in most cases you must use the ipset
  204     utility to initially create and load your ipsets. The exception is that
  205     Shorewall will automatically create an empty iphash ipset to back each
  206     dynamic zone. It will also create the ipset required by the
  207     DYNAMIC_BLACKLIST=ipset:.. setting in <ulink
  208     url="manpages/shorewall.conf.html">shorewall[6].conf(5)</ulink>,</para>
  209   </section>
  211   <section>
  212     <title>Shorewall6 and Shorewall-init Support for Ipsets</title>
  214     <para>Ipset support in Shorewall6 was added in Shorewall 4.4.21.</para>
  216     <para>Beginning with Shorewall 4.6.4, SAVE_IPSETS is available in <ulink
  217     url="manpages/shorewall.conf.html">shorewall6-conf(5)</ulink>. When set to
  218     Yes, the ipv6 ipsets will be saved. You can also save selective ipsets by
  219     setting SAVE_IPSETS to a comma-separated list of ipset names.</para>
  221     <para>Prior to Shorewall 4.6.4, SAVE_IPSETS=Yes in <ulink
  222     url="manpages/shorewall.conf.html">shorewall.conf(5)</ulink> won't work
  223     correctly because it saves both IPv4 and IPv6 ipsets. To work around this
  224     issue, Shorewall-init is capable restoring ipset contents during 'start'
  225     and saving them during 'stop'. To direct Shorewall-init to save/restore
  226     ipset contents, set the SAVE_IPSETS option in
  227     /etc/sysconfig/shorewall-init (/etc/default/shorewall-init on Debian and
  228     derivatives). The value of the option is a file name where the contents of
  229     the ipsets will be save to and restored from. Shorewall-init will create
  230     any necessary directories during the first 'save' operation.</para>
  232     <caution>
  233       <para>If you set SAVE_IPSETS in /etc/sysconfig/shorewall-init
  234       (/etc/default/shorewall-init on Debian and derivatives) when
  235       shorewall-init has not been started by systemd, then when the system is
  236       going down during reboot, the ipset contents will not be saved. You can
  237       work around that as follows:</para>
  239       <itemizedlist>
  240         <listitem>
  241           <para>Suppose that you have set
  242           SAVE_IPSETS=/var/lib/shorewall/init-save-ipsets.</para>
  243         </listitem>
  245         <listitem>
  246           <para>Before rebooting, execute this command:</para>
  248           <programlisting>ipset save &gt; /var/lib/shorewall/init-save-ipsets</programlisting>
  249         </listitem>
  251         <listitem>
  252           <para>Be sure to enable shoewall-init (e.g., <emphasis
  253           role="bold">systemctl enable shorewall-init</emphasis>).</para>
  254         </listitem>
  255       </itemizedlist>
  256     </caution>
  258     <para>If you configure Shorewall-init to save/restore ipsets, be sure to
  259     set SAVE_IPSETS=No in shorewall.conf and shorewall6.conf.</para>
  261     <para>If you configure SAVE_IPSETS in <ulink
  262     url="manpages/shorewall.conf.html">shorewall.conf(5)</ulink> and/or <ulink
  263     url="manpages/shorewall.conf.html">shorewall6.conf(5)</ulink> then do not
  264     set SAVE_IPSETS in shorewall-init.</para>
  265   </section>
  266 </article>