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    1 Begin4
    2 Title:           Scribus 
    3 Version:
    4 Entered-date:    2003-10-01
    5 Description:     Scribus is a Page Layout Program for Linux published under the GNU GPL. 
    6 Keywords:        desktop publishing, page layout, PDF, text processing, graphics, postscript, SVG, EPS 
    7 Author:          franz.schmid@altmuehlnet.de Franz Schmid
    8 Maintained-by:   franz.schmid@altmuehlnet.de Franz Schmid
    9 Primary-site:    http://www.scribus.net        
   10 Alternate-site:  http://www.scribus.org.uk/	        
   11 Original-site:   http://web2.altmuehlnet.de/fschmid  
   12 Platforms:       Linux and other Unices, MacOSX, Requires: Python >= 3.3, Qt >= 5.12+, cairo >= 2.4, freetype2 >=2.1.9
   13 Copying-policy:  GNU Public License
   14 End