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    2                              SCALASCA v2 README
    3                              ==================
    5 The Scalasca project aims to develop a generic automatic performance analysis
    6 environment for parallel applications.  It focuses on the identification of
    7 potential performance bottlenecks by automatically recognizing and quantifying
    8 patterns of inefficient behavior in event traces, and offers guidance in
    9 exploring their causes.  In particular, Scalasca emphasizes on inefficiencies
   10 concerning communication and synchronization.
   12 The Scalasca Trace Tools build upon the analysis techniques developed over
   13 the past years in the Scalasca 1.x release series.  The major difference is
   14 that Scalasca v2 is now based on the community instrumentation and
   15 measurement infrastructure Score-P (https://www.score-p.org/) rather than
   16 providing its own measurement system.  This also means that the common
   17 Score-P data formats CUBE4 (for profile data) and OTF2 (for trace data) are
   18 used instead of the old CUBE3 and EPILOG formats provided by Scalasca 1.x.
   19 However, backwards compatibility is ensured by also being able to read and
   20 process trace files in EPILOG format (with the exception of traces stored in
   21 SIONlib containers).  Similarly, the Cube v4 GUI can handle both CUBE3 and
   22 CUBE4 files.
   24 Scalasca v2 is released as open source under a BSD-style license.  Please see
   25 the COPYING file in the package base directory for details.
   28 Installation
   29 ============
   31 See the INSTALL file for detailed information about how to configure, build
   32 and install Scalasca.
   34 NOTE: Scalasca v2 uses a different build system than Scalasca 1.x.  Therefore,
   35       users who are familiar with building and installing Scalasca v1 are also
   36       strongly encouraged to read the INSTALL file!
   39 User Documentation
   40 ==================
   42 Scalasca user documentation for a specific installation is by default
   43 installed into the '$SCALASCA_ROOT/share/doc/scalasca' subdirectory.  At
   44 present, however, user documentation is still limited.
   46  * Scalasca User Guide (manual/UserGuide.pdf | manual/html/index.html):
   48    Provides information to get you started and avoid common pitfalls.  Also
   49    includes a detailed reference for the most commonly used commands provided
   50    by the Scalasca Trace Tools package.
   52  * Scalasca Quick Reference (manual/QuickReference.pdf):
   54    Review of the main steps and commands for Scalasca usage.  Generally
   55    also accessible via the "scalasca --quickref" command from a Scalasca
   56    installation.  After basic familiarization with Scalasca usage, this
   57    short documentation should provide brief reminders of common commands
   58    and options.
   60  * Scalasca open issues & limitations (OPEN_ISSUES):
   62    Compendium of known limitations and unimplemented features that may affect
   63    Scalasca usability on various platforms or with certain applications, with
   64    suggested workarounds where appropriate.  Although issues may be uncommon
   65    and/or quite technically complex, users are encouraged to briefly review
   66    this document, particularly if they believe they have encountered a problem
   67    when using Scalasca, prior to contacting user support.
   70 Web page & Contact
   71 ==================
   73 For further more detailed information on Scalasca, Cube and Score-P see the
   74 project webpages at
   76         https://www.scalasca.org/
   77         https://www.score-p.org/
   79 For help, reporting bugs, and making comments or suggestions send e-mail to
   81         scalasca@fz-juelich.de