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    1 Metadata-Version: 2.1
    2 Name: salt
    3 Version: 3002.2
    4 Summary: Portable, distributed, remote execution and configuration management system
    5 Home-page: http://saltstack.org
    6 Author: Thomas S Hatch
    7 Author-email: thatch45@gmail.com
    8 License: Apache Software License 2.0
    9 Description: About Salt
   10         ==========
   12         Built on python, Salt uses simple and human-readable YAML combined with
   13         event-driven automation to deploy and configure complex IT systems. In addition
   14         to powering SaltStack’s powerful enterprise product suite, Salt can be found
   15         under the hood of products from Juniper, Cisco, Cloudflare, Nutanix, SUSE, and
   16         Tieto, to name a few.
   18         About SaltStack
   19         ===============
   21         SaltStack develops award-winning software used by IT and security operations
   22         teams to help modern business more efficiently secure and maintain all aspects
   23         of their digital infrastructure. But we’re not like other legacy systems
   24         management or security software tools. Our software is unique in providing
   25         intelligent, event-driven automation for efficient control of complex business
   26         systems at any scale.
   28         We help enterprise IT organizations orchestrate and automate difficult IT tasks
   29         with speed and flexibility to ultimately deliver continuous security compliance,
   30         vulnerability remediation, and real IT security.
   32         Whether you need help automating the work of ITOps, DevOps, NetOps, or SecOps
   33         functions, SaltStack software is the answer. In addition to open source
   34         software, such as Salt, we offer
   35         `SaltStack Enterprise <https://www.saltstack.com/products/saltstack-enterprise/>`_
   36         and
   37         `SaltStack SecOps <https://www.saltstack.com/products/secops/>`_ products to
   38         manage and secure your digital business operations.
   40         Download Salt
   41         =============
   43         Salt is tested and packaged to run on CentOS, Debian, RHEL, Ubuntu,
   44         Windows. Download Salt and get started now.
   46         * `<https://repo.saltstack.com/>`_
   47         * `Installation Instructions <https://docs.saltstack.com/en/latest/topics/installation/index.html>`_
   49         SaltStack Documentation
   50         =======================
   52         Installation instructions, getting started guides, in-depth API
   53         documentation, and contributing to Salt.
   55         * `Getting Started with Salt <https://docs.saltstack.com/en/getstarted/>`_
   56         * `Latest Salt Documentation <https://docs.saltstack.com/en/latest/>`_
   57         * `Salt’s Contributor Guide <https://docs.saltstack.com/en/latest/topics/development/contributing.html>`_
   59         Security Advisories
   60         ===================
   62         In 2020, SaltStack created a
   63         `**Security Announcements** <https://www.saltstack.com/security-announcements/>`_
   64         landing page. SaltStack recommends subscribing to the
   65         `SaltStack Security RSS feed <http://www.saltstack.com/feed/?post_type=security>`_
   66         to receive notification when new information is available regarding security
   67         announcements.
   69         Other channels to receive security announcements include the
   70         `Salt Community mailing list <https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/salt-users>`_
   71         and the
   72         `Salt Community Slack Channel <https://saltstackcommunity.herokuapp.com/>`_.
   74         Responsibly Reporting Security Vulnerabilities
   75         ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
   77         When reporting security vulnerabilities for Salt or other SaltStack projects,
   78         refer to the
   79         `SECURITY.md <https://github.com/saltstack/salt/blob/master/SECURITY.md>`_ file
   80         found in this repository.
   82         Engage SaltStack and The Community
   83         ==================================
   85         Please be sure to review our
   86         `Code of Conduct <https://github.com/saltstack/salt/blob/master/CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md>`_.
   87         Also, check out some of our community resources including:
   89         * `SaltStack Community Wiki <https://github.com/saltstack/community/wiki>`_
   90         * `SaltStack Community Slack <https://saltstackcommunity.herokuapp.com/>`_
   91         * `SaltStack: IRC on Freenode <https://webchat.freenode.net/#salt>`_
   92         * `SaltStack YouTube channel <https://www.youtube.com/user/SaltStack>`_
   93         * `SaltStackInc Twitch channel <https://www.twitch.tv/saltstackinc>`_
   95         There are lots of ways to get involved in our community. Every month, there are
   96         around a dozen opportunities to meet with other contributors and the Salt Core
   97         team and collaborate in real time. The best way to keep track is by subscribing
   98         to the 
   99         `Salt Community Events Calendar <https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=saltstack.com_md73c3ufcs2eqbsmmnike4em80%40group.calendar.google.com&ctz=America%2FNew_York>`_.
  100         If you have additional questions, email us at core@saltstack.com or reach out
  101         directly to the Community Manager, Cassandra Faris via Slack. We’d be glad to
  102         have you join our community!
  104         SaltStack Training
  105         ++++++++++++++++++
  107         Get access to proprietary
  108         `SaltStack education offerings <https://www.saltstack.com/products/saltstack-training/>`_
  109         through instructor-led training offered on-site, virtually or at SaltStack
  110         headquarters in Salt Lake City. SaltStack Enterprise training helps increase the
  111         value and effectiveness of SaltStack software for any customer and is a
  112         prerequisite for coveted **SaltStack Certified Administrator (SSCA)** and 
  113         **SaltStack Certified Engineer (SSCE)** certifications.
  115         SaltStack training is also available through several
  116         `SaltStack professional services <https://www.saltstack.com/products/saltstack-services/>`_
  117         offerings.
  119         License
  120         =======
  122         SaltStack is licensed by the SaltStack Team under the Apache 2.0 license. Please
  123         see the
  124         `LICENSE file <https://github.com/saltstack/salt/blob/master/LICENSE>`_ for the
  125         full text of the Apache license, followed by a full summary of the licensing
  126         used by external modules.
  128         A complete list of attributions and dependencies can be found here:
  129         `salt/DEPENDENCIES.md <https://github.com/saltstack/salt/blob/master/DEPENDENCIES.md>`_
  130 Platform: UNKNOWN
  131 Description-Content-Type: text/x-rst