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    1 This file lists all the changes that have been applied to the en-US translation of
    2 rufus.loc since its original version.
    4 To edit a translation, please make sure to follow:
    5 https://github.com/pbatard/rufus/wiki/Localization#Editing_an_existing_translation
    6 Or simply download https://rufus-web.akeo.ie/locale/pollock.exe and follow its directions.
    8 o v3.*
    9   - *UPDATED*  MSG_068 "Error while partitioning drive." -> "Could not partition drive."
   10   You can test this new message with <Alt>-<G>
   11   - *NEW*      MSG_308 "VHD detection"
   12   - *NEW*      MSG_309 "Compressed archive"
   13   // TODO: Add a test ISO for this.
   14   - *NEW*      MSG_310 "The ISO you have selected uses UEFI and is small enough to be written as (...)"
   15   - *NEW*      MSG_311 "Use %s (in the main application window) to enable."
   16   - *NEW*      MSG_312 "Extra hashes (SHA512)"
   17   // The following are accessibility labels for some UI elements
   18   // Can be tested with https://accessibilityinsights.io/docs/en/windows/overview
   19   - *NEW*      MSG_313 "Save to VHD"
   20   - *NEW*      MSG_314 "Compute image checksums"
   21   - *NEW*      MSG_315 "Multiple buttons"
   22   - *NEW*      MSG_316 "Number of passes"
   23   - *NEW*      MSG_317 "Disk ID"
   24   // The following can be tested with <Alt>-<+> and <Alt>-<->
   25   - *NEW*      MSG_318 "Default thread priority: %d"
   26   - *NEW*      MSG_319 "Ignore Boot Marker"
   28 o v3.5 (2019.03.12)
   29   The following 3 messages can be tested by creating a UEFI:NTFS drive in Rufus ('Show advanced drive properties' must be enabled
   30   and then you can just select 'UEFI:NTFS' under 'Boot selection' and click 'START'. Then, when the drive creation is complete, you
   31   will see a dialog using the 3 messages below)
   32   - *NEW*      MSG_127 "Do not show this message again"
   33   In the following '%s' will be one of "MBR", "Secure Boot", "Windows To Go" (in English). Please be mindful that the (...) below
   34   means that there is MORE DATA to this message and that you need to look at the English version in the loc file for the full text.
   35   - *NEW*      MSG_128 "Important notice about %s"
   36   - *NEW*      MSG_129 "You have just created a media that includes the UEFI:NTFS bootloader (...)"
   37   The following 2 messages can be tested when creating a Windows image from the latest Windows 10 retail ISOs
   38   - *NEW*      MSG_130 "Windows image selection"
   39   - *NEW*      MSG_131 "This ISO contains multiple Windows images.\nPlease select the image you wish to use for this installation:"
   40   You should be able to see this message if you open a command prompt to the root of your flash drive and then attempt to format
   41   it in Rufus. For instance, if your flash drive is E: just open cmd.exe and then type E: to navigate to that drive.
   42   - *NEW*      MSG_132 "Another program or process is accessing this drive. Do you want to format it anyway?"
   43   The following message will appear if you create a Windows To Go drive from a Windows 10 1809 ISO. Please be mindful that the (...)
   44   below means that there is MORE DATA to this message and that you need to look at the English version to translate it.
   45   - *NEW*      MSG_133 "Rufus has detected that you are attempting to create a Windows To Go media based on a 1809 ISO. (...)"
   46   The following will appear if you attempt to format a drive that is larger than 2 TB. Again, please be mindful that (...) means
   47   that there is more data to this message and that you must look at the English version to translate it.
   48   - *NEW*      MSG_134 "Because MBR has been selected for the partition scheme, Rufus can only create a partition up to 2 TB (...)"
   49   MSG_135 to 149 appear in the "Download ISO Image" dialog that is proposed from the SELECT split button when clicking DOWNLOAD
   50   - *NEW*      MSG_135 "Version"
   51   - *NEW*      MSG_136 "Release"
   52   - *NEW*      MSG_137 "Edition"
   53   - *NEW*      MSG_138 "Language"
   54   - *NEW*      MSG_139 "Architecture"
   55   - *NEW*      MSG_140 "Confirm"
   56   - *NEW*      MSG_141 "Back"
   57   - *NEW*      MSG_142 "Please wait..."
   58   - *NEW*      MSG_143 "Download using a browser"
   59   - *NEW*      MSG_144 "Temporarily banned by Microsoft for requesting too many downloads - Please try again later..."
   60   The following 2 messages should only appear on vanilla Windows 7 platforms when launching the 'Download ISO Image' script
   61   - *NEW*      MSG_145 "PowerShell 3.0 or later is required to run this script."
   62   - *NEW*      MSG_146 "Do you want to go online and download it?"
   63   - *NEW*      MSG_148 "Running download script..."
   64   - *NEW*      MSG_149 "Download ISO Image"
   65   The tooltip for the SELECT button has been updated to mention downloads
   66   - *UPDATED*  MSG_165 "Click to select an image..." -> "Click to select or download an image..."
   68 o v3.2 (2018.07.20)
   69 	The following appears in Advanced format options → Check device for bad blocks → dropdown menu with
   70   %s being replaced with SLC, MLC or TLC, which is a type of NAND (or flash memory. In other words,
   71   this message should mean "for a flash memory device of type %s". *Please* try to keep the translation
   72   as short as possible so that it won't result in an overly large dropdown...
   73   See https://www.mydigitaldiscount.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-slc-mlc-and-tlc-nand-flash.html
   74   - *NEW*      MSG_087 "for %s NAND"
   75   The following 4 messages can be tested using https://github.com/pbatard/rufus/raw/master/res/loc/test/casper_test.iso
   76   - *NEW*      MSG_123 "Persistent partition size"
   77   - *NEW*      MSG_124 "No persistence"
   78   - *NEW*      MSG_125 "Set the size of the persistent partition for live USB media. Setting the size to 0 disables the persistent partition."
   79   - *NEW*      MSG_126 "Set the partition size units."
   80   As of Rufus 3.2, *ALL* downloads from the servers are digitally signed, and their signature is validated using the
   81   public key that is embedded in the application. This message appears in an error dialog if the validation fails.
   82   - *NEW*      MSG_172 "Invalid download signature"
   83   This message was present in 3.0, but I forgot to mention it then. It has to do with the signature
   84   validation that Rufus uses when downloading an update.
   85   - *NEW*      MSG_240 "The signature for the downloaded update can not be validated (...)"
   86   You can see this status message by pressing <Ctrl>-<Alt>-<Z> and then selecting Start.
   87   It's the same as MSG_286 but with a process that *may* be faster, hence the name.
   88   - *NEW*      MSG_306 "Fast-zeroing drive: %0.1f%% completed"
   89   Note: Because this is the introduction of a new translation framework, and I am a bit short of time for that
   90   unification of MSG_084/MSG_104/MSG_114/MSG_116 will happen in another translation round...
   92 o v3.0 (2018.03.27)
   93   - All positioning ('m', 's') has now been removed as well as some controls, for the 3.0 UI redesign
   94   - *NEW*      IDS_DRIVE_PROPERTIES_TXT "Drive Properties"
   95   - *NEW*      IDS_BOOT_SELECTION_TXT "Boot selection"
   96                Note: The current translation was taken from MSG_278 when available, which was for "Boot type".
   97                However, "Boot selection", is more appropriate, so please update if it makes sense.
   98   - *NEW*      IDC_SELECT "Select"
   99   - *NEW*      IDS_IMAGE_OPTION_TXT "Image Option"
  100   - *UPDATED*  IDS_PARTITION_TYPE_TXT Partition scheme and target system type -> "Partition scheme"
  101   - *NEW*      IDS_TARGET_SYSTEM_TXT "Target system"
  102   - *REPLACED* IDS_LABEL_TXT "New Volume label" -> "Volume label"
  103   - *NEW*      IDS_STATUS_TXT "Status"
  104   - *REPLACED* MSG_031 -> "BIOS (or UEFI-CSM)"
  105   - *REPLACED* MSG_032 -> "UEFI (non CSM)"
  106   - *REPLACED* MSG_033 -> "BIOS or UEFI"
  107   - *REMOVED*  MSG_087
  109   - *RENAMED*  IDC_WINDOWS_TO_GO -> MSG_118
  110                Note: In most cases, you should not have to add MSG_118 as the English for "Windows To Go" should work for most countries.
  111   - *NEW*      MSG_119 "advanced drive properties"
  112   - *NEW*      MSG_120 "advanced format options"
  113   - *NEW*      MSG_121 "Show %s"
  114   - *NEW*      MSG_122 "Hide %s"
  115      MSG_119/120 + MSG_121/122 are used to create the advanced options clickable toolbars
  116   - *REPLACED* MSG_150 -> "Type of computer you plan to use this bootable drive with. It is your responsibility to determine whether "
  117                           "your target is of BIOS or UEFI type before you start creating the drive, as it may fail to boot otherwise."
  118   - *REPLACED* MSG_151 -> "'UEFI-CSM' means that the device will only boot in BIOS emulation mode (also known as 'Legacy Mode') under UEFI, and not in native UEFI mode."
  119                Be mindful that you probably don't want to translate 'Legacy Mode' as this is an option that usually appears in English in the UEFI settings.
  120   - *REPLACED* MSG_152 -> "'non CSM' means that the device will only boot in native UEFI mode, and not in BIOS emulation mode (also known as 'Legacy Mode')."
  121   - *REPLACED* MSG_163 -> "Method that will be used to create partitions"
  122   - *REMOVED*  MSG_172
  123   - *REMOVED*  MSG_199
  124   - *REMOVED*  MSG_200
  125   - *NEW*      MSG_278 "Checking for conflicting processes..."
  126   - *REPLACED* MSG_280 "Image selection" -> "Disk or ISO image"
  127   - *REPLACED* MSG_281 "(Please select an image)" -> "%s (Please select)"
  128      MSG_281 + MSG_280 are used to create the message that appears in the boot selection dropdown when an image has not been selected.
  129   - *UPDATED*  MSG_298 The '#' button is now the (✓) button
  130   - *NEW*      MSG_299 "Timestamp validation error"
  131   - *NEW*      MSG_300 "Rufus could not validate that the timestamp of the downloaded update is more recent than the one for the "
  132                        "current executable.\n\nIn order to prevent potential attack scenarios, the update process has been aborted and "
  133                        "the download will be deleted. Please check the log for more details."
  134   - *NEW*      MSG_301 "Show application settings"
  135   - *NEW*      MSG_302 "Show information about this application"
  136   - *NEW*      MSG_303 "Show the log"
  137   - *NEW*      MSG_304 "Create a disk image of the selected device"
  138   - *NEW*      MSG_305 "Use this option to indicate whether you want to use this device to install Windows on another disk, "
  139                         "or if you want to run Windows directly from this drive (Windows To Go)."
  140   - *UPDATED*  On IDD_LOG, IDC_LOG_CLEAR, IDC_LOG_SAVE and IDCANCEL were updated to remove the redundant mention of "Log" in the buttons
  141                for the languages who did that. This means that "Save Log", "Clear Log" "Close Log" have become "Save", "Clear", "Close".
  142                *PLEASE* verify that the modification looks correct in your language.
  144 o v2.16 (2017.07.17)
  145   - *NEW* MSG_295 "Warning: Unofficial version"
  146   - *NEW* MSG_296 "This version of Rufus was NOT produced by its official developer(s).\n\nAre you sure you want to run it?"
  147   - *NEW* MSG_297 "Truncated ISO detected"
  148   - *NEW* MSG_298 "The ISO file you have selected does not match its declared size: %s of data is missing!\n\nIf you obtained "
  149     "this file from the Internet, you should try to download a new copy and verify that the MD5 or SHA checksums match the "
  150     "official ones.\n\nNote that you can compute the MD5 or SHA in Rufus by clicking the '#' button."
  151   Note: You can test MSG_297/MSG_298 using https://github.com/pbatard/rufus/raw/master/res/loc/test/arch_trunc.iso
  152   A truncated version of archlinux-2017.07.01-x86_64.iso)
  154 o v2.12 (2017.01.16)
  155   - *NEW* MSG_288 "Missing elevated privileges"
  156   - *NEW* MSG_289 "This application can only run with elevated privileges"
  157     This message, along with the previous, is just to notify the user when they have
  158     managed to run Rufus in non-elevated mode. This shouldn't happen in most case
  159     so this is not something that you can easily test.
  160   - *NEW* MSG_290 "File Indexing"
  161     This is a cheat mode that can be tested with Alt-Q, that is equivalent to the
  162     "Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties"
  163     (i.e. file indexing) option one can see when looking at the drive properties. See:
  164     https://rufus.akeo.ie/pics/FileIndexing.png
  165   - *NEW* MSG_291 "Version selection"
  166   - *NEW* MSG_292 "Please select the version of Windows you want to install:"
  167     These two messages are used when the user has the possibility to select between
  168     multiple versions of Windows in Windows To Go mode. In this case, a prompt like
  169     this will appear, using these 2 messages: https://rufus.akeo.ie/pics/Win2GoVersion.png
  170     If you have an official Windows ISO, and the platform you run Rufus on supports
  171     Windows To Go (Windows 8 or later *ONLY*), you should be able to test this message.
  172   - *NEW* MSG_293 "Unsupported Windows version"
  173   - *NEW* MSG_294 "This version of Windows is no longer supported by Rufus."
  174     These two messages are not used anywhere yet, but may be needed in a future prompt.
  176 o v2.9 (2016.05.09)
  177   - *NEW* MSG_286 "Zeroing drive: %0.1f%% completed"
  178     Used when filling a whole drive with zero bytes, to display progress in percent (e.g. "Zeroing drive: 12.3% completed")
  180   - *NEW* MSG_287 "Detection of non-USB removable drives"
  181     Note, this message is followed by either "enabled"/"disabled" (see MSG_250/251) and is similar to MSG_253
  182     The message appears on the status bar and can be tested with Ctrl-Alt-F.
  184 o v2.5 (2015.10.15)
  185     Note: The following message can be tested by pressing Alt-, (That's the 'Alt' and 'comma' keys on your keyboard)
  186           In case the message below is not clear, you can consider that it says "Exclusive locking of the USB drive"
  187   - *NEW* MSG_282 "Exclusive USB drive locking"
  188     Note: The following messages will appear after a new Rufus update has been downloaded from the
  189           Internet in case something is very wrong with its digital signature...
  190   - *NEW* MSG_283 "Invalid signature"
  191   - *NEW* MSG_284 "The downloaded executable is missing a digital signature."
  192   - *NEW* MSG_285 "The downloaded executable is signed by '%s'.\nThis is not a signature we recognize and could "
  193                   "indicate some form of malicious activity...\nAre you sure you want to run this file?"
  195 o v2.4 (2015.09.03)
  196   - Changed MSG_081 "Unsupported ISO" -> "Unsupported image"
  197   - Changed MSG_082 -> "This image is either non-bootable, or it uses a boot or compression method that is not supported by Rufus..."
  198   - *NEW* MSG_269 "Preserve timestamps"
  199     Note: You can use the Alt-T cheat mode to see this message. Also, if 'timestamp' doesn't really translate in your language,
  200     "file dates preservation" is a good approximation of what this is about.
  201   - *NEW* MSG_270 "USB debug"
  202     Note: You can use the Alt-. cheat mode to see the message above
  203   For an idea of what the 'checksums' in the 2 messages below are used for, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Md5sum:
  204   - *NEW* MSG_271 "Computing image checksums: %0.1f%% completed"
  205   - *NEW* MSG_272 "Compute the SHA1 and MD5 checksums for the selected image"
  206   - *NEW* MSG_273 "Change the application language"
  207     Note: You can see the message above by hovering on the language button
  208   - *NEW* MSG_274 "ISOHybrid image detected"
  209     Note: You can test this message and the one below by downloading and trying to write the latest menu_c32_test.iso (120 KB) from:
  210     https://github.com/pbatard/rufus/raw/master/res/loc/test/menu_c32_test.iso
  211 	- *NEW* MSG_275 "The image you have selected is..." [TRANSLATORS: Please refer to the English section of 'rufus.loc' for the FULL message]
  212 	  For more info on the messages below, also see the comments in the English section of rufus.loc
  213   - *NEW* MSG_276 "Write in %s mode (Recommended)"
  214   - *NEW* MSG_277 "Write in %s mode"
  215   - *NEW* MSG_278 "Boot type"
  216   - *NEW* MSG_279 "Non bootable"
  217   - *NEW* MSG_280 "Image selection"
  218   - *NEW* MSG_281 "(Please select an image)"
  220 o v2.0 (2015.02.04)
  221   - *NEW CONTROL* IDC_WINDOWS_INSTALL "Standard Windows installation" (Main dialog)
  222   - *NEW CONTROL* IDC_WINDOWS_TO_GO "Windows To Go" (Main dialog)
  223   Note: to see the 2 controls above displayed, you will need to load the "windows_to_go.iso" image from
  224   https://github.com/pbatard/rufus/raw/master/res/loc/test/windows_to_go.iso (356 KB)
  225   Also see the comment for IDC_WINDOWS_TO_GO in the English translation.
  226   - *NEW* MSG_096 "The file system currently selected can not be used with this type of ISO (...)"
  227   - *NEW* MSG_097 "'Windows To Go' can only be applied if the file system is NTFS."
  228   - *NEW* MSG_098 "IMPORTANT: You are trying to install 'Windows To Go', but your target drive doesn't (...)"
  229   - *NEW* MSG_116 "This image uses Grub %s but the application only includes the installation files for (...)"
  230     Similar to MSG_114. Please see the comment from the English translation if you want to test this message.
  231   - *NEW* MSG_190 "Incompatible drive detected"
  232   - *NEW* MSG_191 "Write pass"
  233   - *NEW* MSG_192 "Read pass"
  234     See MSG_235 for where the 2 messages above are being used.
  235   - *NEW* MSG_193 "Downloaded %s"
  236   - *NEW* MSG_194 "Could not download %s"
  237   - *NEW* MSG_195 "Using embedded version of %s file(s)"
  239   - *NEW* MSG_197 "Nonstandard sector size detected"
  240   - *NEW* MSG_198 "'Windows To Go' can only be installed on a GPT partitioned drive if it has (...)"
  241   - *NEW* MSG_199 "Choose this if you plan to install Windows, to another disk, using (...)"
  242   - *NEW* MSG_200 "Choose this if you want to run Windows directly from the selected device."
  243   - Changed MSG_205 "Using ISO: %s" -> "Using image: %s"
  244   - Changed MSG_210 "DONE" -> "READY".
  245     This message appears in the new Info field that was added to Rufus 2.0 and reflects
  246     when the application is ready to take an action from the user.
  247   - Changed MSG_235 "Bad Blocks: PASS %d/%d - %0.2f%% (%d/%d/%d errors)" -> "Bad Blocks: %s %d/%d - %0.2f%% (%d/%d/%d errors)"
  248     Basically "PASS" will be replaced by "Write pass" or "Read pass" from MSG_191/192 (printed in place of the '%s')
  249   - Changed MSG_253 "Fixed disks detection" -> "Hard disk detection"
  250   - *NEW* MSG_264 "Deleting directory '%s'"
  251   - *NEW* MSG_265 "VMWare disk detection"
  252   - *NEW* MSG_266 "Dual UEFI/BIOS mode"
  253   - *NEW* MSG_267 "Applying Windows image: %0.1f%% completed"
  254   - *NEW* MSG_268 "Applying Windows image..."
  256 o Version 1.0.16 (2015.02.03)
  257   - Removed MSG_096 - MSG_098
  258   Note: since this doesn't require translator involvement, I have applied the changes to existing translations.
  260 o Version 1.0.15 (2015.01.23)
  261   - IDD_ISO_EXTRACT dialog and associated translations have been removed
  262   Note: since this doesn't require translator involvement, I have applied the changes to existing translations.
  264 o Version 1.0.14 (2014.11.27)
  265   - Updated translations for the new 2.0 UI font and layout.
  266   Note: since this doesn't require translator involvement, I have applied the changes to existing translations.
  268 o Version 1.0.13 (2014.11.14)
  269   - Changed MSG_104 "Syslinux v5.0 or later requires a '%s' file to be installed.\n"
  270     "Because this file is more than 100 KB in size, and always present on Syslinux v5+ ISO images (...)"
  271     -> "%s or later requires a '%s' file to be installed.\n"
  272 	  "Because this file is more than 100 KB in size, and always present on %s ISO images (...)"
  273   Note: since this doesn't require translator involvement, I have applied the change to existing translations.
  275 o Version 1.0.12 (2014.05.19)
  276   - *NEW* MSG_079 "The device is not ready."
  277   - *NEW* MSG_189 "This ISO image is not compatible with the selected filesystem"
  278   - *NEW* MSG_262 "ISO Support" (If you want to know what it's about, see comment in English translation)
  279   - *NEW* MSG_263 "Use PROPER size units" (If you want to know what it's about, see comment from English translation)
  280   - Changed MSG_165 "Click to select an ISO..." -> "Click to select an image..."
  282 o Version 1.0.11 (2014.03.29)
  283   - Changed MSG_011 "%u bad block(s) found" -> "%d bad block(s) found"
  284   Note: since this doesn't require translator involvement, I have applied the change to existing translations.
  286 o Version 1.0.10 (2014.02.09)
  287   - *NEW* MSG_095 "DD Image"
  288   - *NEW* MSG_261 "Writing image: %0.1f%% completed"
  289   - *NEW* MSG_187 "Invalid image for selected boot option"
  290   - *NEW* MSG_188 "The current image doesn't match the boot option selected..." (see rufus.loc for full text)
  291   - Changed MSG_086 "No ISO image selected" -> "No image selected"
  292   - Changed MSG_087 "Please click on the disc button to select a bootable ISO..." -> "Please click on the disc button to select a bootable image..." (see rufus.loc for full text)
  293   - Changed MSG_088 "ISO too big" -> "Image is too big"
  294   - Changed MSG_089 "This ISO image is too big for the selected target." -> "The image is too big for the selected target."
  295   - Changed MSG_202 "Scanning ISO image..." -> "Scanning image..."
  296   - Changed MSG_203 "Failed to scan ISO image" -> "Failed to scan image"
  298 o Version 1.0.9 (2014.01.31)
  299   - *NEW* MSG_260 "NTFS compression"
  300     Note: Since this is a cheat-mode message, I don't specially care if it gets translated for the next version
  302 o Version 1.0.8 (2014.01.21)
  303   - Changed MSG_047 "%s (%c:)" -> "Multiple Volumes" (non-updated ones have been commented out)
  305   - *NEW* MSG_094 "Multiple partitions detected"
  306   - *NEW* MSG_114 "This image uses Syslinux %s but this application only includes the installation files for Syslinux %s."
  307   - *NEW* MSG_115 "Download required"
  308   - Changed MSG_234: 'v%d' is replaced with '%s' (change already applied to existing translations)
  310 o Version 1.0.7 (2014.01.01)
  311   - Added MSG_092 again
  312   - Added English example for OK button in About box (IDOK)
  314 o Version 1.0.6 (2013.12.17)
  315   - Removed IDD_MESSAGES (and the need for 'g IDD_MESSAGES')
  317 o Version 1.0.5 (2013.12.11)
  318   - Removed MSG_092 to MSG_094
  320 o Version 1.0.4 (2013.12.02)
  321   - MSG_033 -> MSG_031
  322   - MSG_031 -> MSG_032
  323   - MSG_032 -> MSG_033
  325 o Version 1.0.3 (2013.11.15)
  326   - IDC_ENABLE_FIXED_DISKS "List non removable or unpartitioned USB disks" -> "List USB Hard Drives"
  327   - MSG_170 "Enable detection for disks not normally detected by Rufus" -> "Enable the listing of USB Hard Drive enclosures"
  329 o Version 1.0.2 (2013.10.30)
  330   - *NEW* MSG_110 "MS-DOS cannot boot from a drive using a 64 kilobyte Cluster size..."
  331   - *NEW* MSG_111 "Incompatible Cluster size"
  332   - *NEW* MSG_112 "Formatting a large UDF volumes can take a lot of time..."
  333   - *NEW* MSG_113 "Large UDF volume"
  334   - *NEW* MSG_220 "Formatting (%s) - estimated duration %d:%02d..."
  335   - *NEW* MSG_207 "New Volume"
  337 o Version 1.0.1 (2013.10.28)
  338   - MSG_061 "Please insert a media in drive." -> "Please insert a removable media in drive."
  339   - MSG_071 "Unable to create formatting thread." -> "Unable to start thread."
  341 o Version 1.0.0 (2013.10.20)
  342   - Initial version