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    1 o Version 3.13 (2020.11.20)
    2     Add a cheat mode (Alt-M) to accept disk images without a Boot Marker
    3     Add marquee operation progress to the taskbar icon
    4     Add zeroing/image writing progress to the log
    5     Switch to using 0x55 and 0xAA instead of 0x00 and 0xFF for low pass badblock check
    6     Switch to using fake/manufacturer units when computing the default label
    7     Fix overnumerous write retries on error when writing a disk image
    8     Work around Windows' abysmal handling of removable drives that contain an ESP
    9     Improve mounting/unmounting of volumes
   10     Update UEFI:NTFS file system drivers to version 1.7
   11     Other internal fixes and improvements (VDS, error reporting, etc.)
   13 o Version 3.12 (2020.10.14)
   14     Add optional SHA-512 digest algorithm (Alt-H)
   15     Add a cheat mode (Alt +/-) to increase/decrease application priority
   16     Enable direct provision of install.wim/install.esd for Windows To Go
   17     Move Windows To Go ESP to the beginning of the drive, on systems that allow it
   18     Enforce a minimum volume size of 256 MB for ext2/ext3 partitions
   19     Speed up the scanning of ISOs with lots of Rock Ridge deep directory entries
   20     Fix detection of GRUB version and update embedded GRUB for Ubuntu 20.10 support
   21     Fix user interface labels for accessibility
   22     Work around a Windows bug where the wrong drive letter may be returned
   24 o Version 3.11 (2020.06.18)
   25     Add Rock Ridge deep directory support
   26     Add an option to write small ISOs to an ESP (GPT only)
   27     Add a cheat mode (Ctrl-SELECT) to extract content from an additional zip archive on top of the ISO
   28     Add a cheat mode (Alt-G) to disable Virtual Hard Disk listing
   29     Add a cheat mode (Alt-P) to toggle a GPT ESP to Basic Data (Windows 10 only)
   30     Fix improper x86 32-bit NTFS driver being used for UEFI:NTFS
   31     Improve UEFI:NTFS compatibility with older UEFI firmwares
   32     Improve startup time by running the ISO download feature check in the background
   33     Remove Ubuntu's splash screen for persistent UEFI drives
   34     Enable ASLR for the Rufus executable
   36 o Version 3.10 (2020.04.22)
   37     Improve support for Ubuntu 20.04
   38     Improve detection of FIXED drives with no mounted partitions
   39     Improve extfs formatting (courtesy of Marcos Mello)
   40     Update UEFI:NTFS file system drivers to v1.5
   41     Fix progress not being updated when using the German localization
   42     Fix primary GPT being overwritten when adding the protective MBR message
   43     Fix a regression with lousy security solutions that prevent the creation of an 'autorun.inf'
   44     Fix an assert during FreeDOS drive creation when the Windows system locale is set to UTF-8
   45     Fix invalid label errors when using a non-Western locale
   47 o Version 3.9 (2020.02.29)
   48     Add exFAT support when creating blank UEFI:NTFS drives [EXPERIMENTAL]
   49     Fix ext2/ext3 corruption for partitions larger than 4 GB
   50     Fix early boot files not being usable on compressed NTFS partitions
   51     Fix writing of compressed streams that don't end on sector boundary
   52     Fix percent not being displayed on slow format
   53     Improve file preallocation and speed up ISO extraction (courtesy of Mattiwatti)
   54     Improve ext2/ext3 formatting speed
   55     Improve protective MBR message for GPT partitioned drives
   56     Improve reporting of Syslinux/GRUB download errors
   57     Improve reporting of partition types and of Windows' version
   58     Report the usage of UDF symbolic links
   59     Update embedded Syslinux to 6.04-pre1
   61 o Version 3.8 (2019.09.16) [BUGFIX RELEASE]
   62     Fix regression where some ISOs (Debian) would produce a Syslinux error when booted in BIOS mode
   63     Fix potential 0xC0030057 errors when trying to create a persistent partitions on a non-FIXED drive
   65 o Version 3.7 (2019.09.09)
   66     Finalize persistent partition support for Debian and Ubuntu [EXPERIMENTAL]:
   67     - Debian with persistence should work out of the box with any recent "Debian Live" ISO.
   68     - Ubuntu with persistence should also work *IF* using a post 2019.08.01 ISO. Note that,
   69       because of bug #1489855, trying to use persistence with Ubuntu ISOs that were released
   70       before August 2019 will only result in rescue mode during boot - You have been warned!
   71     - Other distros may work with persistence as long as they use a Debian-like or Ubuntu-like
   72       method, and, in the case of Ubuntu-like, if they use casper with the #1489855 bugfix.
   73     - Persistence and ext formatting support should still be considered EXPERIMENTAL at this stage.
   74     Add cheat mode (<Alt>) to switch between percent/speed/ETA on *some* operations [EXPERIMENTAL]
   75     Report SuperSpeed+ devices in the log (Come on USB-IF, just add "Ludicrous Speed" already!)
   76     Fix UI checkboxes (Extended label, Fixes for old BIOSes) being cleared on START
   77     Fix "Can't mount GUID volume" regression when creating Windows To Go drives
   78     Fix "Volume label is invalid" error with empty labels on Windows 7
   79     Fix stale progress bar during standalone ext2/ext3 formatting
   80     Fix an extraction failure with R-Drive Image bootable ISOs
   81     Disable ISO mode for Pop_OS
   82     Other cosmetic and internal improvements
   84 o Version 3.6 (2019.07.18)
   85     Add support for persistent partitions [EXPERIMENTAL]
   86     (Note: The above won't work with Ubuntu until Ubuntu bug #1489855 is properly fixed)
   87     Add a mode to use VDS when partitioning/formatting (Alt-V) [EXPERIMENTAL]
   88     Add full extraction support for efi.img (Solus)
   89     Fix listing of potentially blocking processes
   90     Fix NTFS not being selectable when using Grub4DOS
   91     Fix download script not being launched when the user name contains a space
   92     Fix translated messages potentially being truncated (e.g. Thai)
   93     Fix progress bar report for screen readers (Accessibility issue)
   94     Fix a regression where Windows format prompts would not be suppressed
   95     Improve(?) Windows To Go support by following Microsoft's recommended partition order
   96     Don't enumerate Windows Sandbox VHDs
   97     Disable ISO mode when Manjaro ISOHybrids are being used
   98     Update embedded GRUB to version 2.04
  100 o Version 3.5 (2019.03.28)
  101     Add a feature to download official retail Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 ISOs
  102     (Note: 'Check for updates' must be enabled for the above to be active)
  103     Add Windows To Go support for MCT generated Windows ISOs
  104     Add a notice about the 'WppRecorder.sys' Microsoft bug for Windows 10 1809 ISOs
  105     Add a notice about trying to format a drive larger than 2 TB in MBR mode
  106     Add a notice about Legacy boot when trying to boot UEFI-only media in Legacy mode
  107     Report the full PID and command line of potentially blocking processes in the log
  108     Fix a potential silent abort when the drive is in use
  109     Fix 'Quick Format' option always being activated
  110     Fix potential change of the selected file system after an ISO has been loaded
  111     Fix Win7 x64 EFI bootloader not being extracted in dual BIOS+UEFI mode (Alt-E)
  113 o Version 3.4 (2018.12.05)
  114     Set the default image selection directory to Downloads\ instead of My Documents\
  115     Add ARM/ARM64 automatic update support
  116     Improve UEFI:NTFS compatibility
  117     Improve access issues by using VDS to delete all partitions
  118     Update the .appx to include all architectures as well as request elevation
  119     Fix broken detection of some EFI based images
  120     Fix broken update check due to server switch
  121     UI and accessibility fixes and improvements
  123 o Version 3.3 (2018.09.17) [BUGFIX RELEASE]
  124     Fix a regression when processing uncompressed bootable DD images
  125     Fix Windows To Go drive creation for ARM64 Windows ISOs
  127 o Version 3.2 (2018.09.11)
  128     Add RSA-2048 signature validation on all the server downloads
  129     Add "Fast zeroing" cheat mode (courtesy of René van der Zee)
  130     Add support for XP/Server 2003 x64 ISOs (courtesy of Mattiwatti)
  131     Improve ISO extraction performance by preallocating files (courtesy of Mattiwatti)
  132     Improve bad blocks check algorithm (from suggestions by AL.Skywalker)
  133     Fix progress not being displayed for Syslinux or GRUB downloads
  134     Fix unwanted application close when cancelling an image scan
  135     Fix an issue where FAT32 could still be selected for ISOs containing a >4GB file
  137 o Version 3.1 (2018.06.19)
  138     Fix extraction of ISO content for GRUB based ISOs (Manjaro, Kaspersky, etc.)
  139     Fix text being truncated on some dialogs (mostly Russian and Thai)
  140     Add detection & warning about the 'Controlled Folder Access' Windows 10 feature
  141     Improve retry attempts for transient errors
  142     Increase size of the ESP to 300MB, for Windows To Go drives partitioned as GPT
  143     Update GRUB 2.0 and Grub4DOS to latest
  144     Update libcdio to latest
  146 o Version 3.0 (2018.05.29)
  147     UI redesign to follow the flow of user operations (with thanks to Fahad Al-Riyami for the concept)
  148     Drop XP and Vista platform support
  149     Switch all downloads to SSL and use https://rufus.ie as the new base URL
  150     Add ARM64 support for UEFI:NTFS
  151     Fix delays when querying floppy drives during device enumeration
  152     Improve support of efi.img files on Linux ISOs
  153     Improve support for non-ISO9660 compliant openSUSE Leap ISOs
  154     Improve translation support and remove manual positioning
  155     Internal fixes and improvements
  157 o Version 2.18 (2017.11.07)
  158     Ensure that the same drive is reselected on device refresh
  159     Add a cheat mode to cycle the USB port of currently selected device
  160     Make lookup for updatable .cfg file more generic (e.g. ESET SysRescue)
  161     Fix handling of multiextent ISOs (e.g. BlackArch Linux)
  162     Fix propagation of image decompression errors
  163     Update grub4dos to latest
  168 o Version 2.17 (2017.09.12)
  169     Add support for Debian 9 live ISOs in UEFI mode
  170     Add support for Super Floppy Disk "partitioning" mode
  171     Add support for more non-USB card readers
  172     Strengthen download update checks, to prevent attack scenarios that leverage user unawareness
  173     Fix an issue with Spanish translation prompts not displaying properly
  174     Fix an issue with Windows To Go support on some non-official Windows ISOs
  175     Fix an issue with log autoscrolling
  176     Fix an issue when using A: or B: as drive letters
  178 o Version 2.16 (2017.07.31)
  179     Add an audiovisual cue on completion/error
  180     Add a workaround for ISOs using nonstandard Rock Ridge extensions (looking at you Kali Linux!)
  181     Notify user when an ISO is broken or truncated
  182     Notify user if other processes are accessing the drive before format
  183     List processes that are locking a drive on failure
  184     Improve verbosity of the Windows To Go process
  185     Other fixes and improvements
  187 o Version 2.15 (2017.05.17)
  188     Fix non-listing of drives that are opened for write access by another process
  189     Report external processes that may be preventing disk access (in the log)
  190     Improve Windows To Go support for Windows 10 Creators Update
  191     Don't report an error on checkdisk failure
  192     Update GRUB 2.0 and Grub4DOS to latest
  193     Other fixes and improvements
  195 o Version 2.14 (2017.04.10) [BUGFIX RELEASE]
  196     Fix inability to create BIOS-bootable drives, in some circumstances, due to write sharing permissions
  198 o Version 2.13 (2017.04.06)
  199     Preserve 'GPT for UEFI' option if the user changed it before selecting an ISO
  200     Fix unwanted notification sound when closing with the X button (#893)
  201     Fix inability to restore the minimized application after a popup is displayed (#896)
  202     Fix an issue when trying to install Syslinux/NTFS twice in a row (#904)
  203     Work around Microsoft's inconsistent casing of device IDs during device enumeration
  204     Work around Microsoft's aggressive locking of partitions in Windows 10 Creators Update (#883)
  205     Restrict write sharing permissions when accessing a device
  206     Update libcdio and GRUB 2.0 to latest
  208 o Version 2.12 (2017.01.27)
  209     Add Hebrew translation, courtesy of NSBuilder and פלוני אלמוני
  210     Add a cheat mode (Alt-O) to create an ISO from the first optical media found
  211     Enable target system selection for Windows To Go
  212     Enable NTFS selection for Syslinux 6.x (EXPERIMENTAL)
  213     Fix an issue that allowed BIOS target selection with pure UEFI images
  214     Fix license display for RTL languages
  215     Update Grub4DOS and FreeDOS to latest
  216     Additional fixes and improvements
  218 o Version 2.11 (2016.09.08)
  219     Do not download BIOS related files unless BIOS boot is selected
  220     Improve support for Arch Linux derivatives
  221     Add a cheat mode to disable drive indexing (Alt-Q) on format
  222     Fix handling of 'Super Floppy Disk' formatted drives
  223     Fix handling of misleading short write reports, for drives larger than 1 TB
  224     Fix an issue that enabled FAT32 file system selection on some Windows images
  225     Fix broken UI font for XP users
  226     Fix sanitizing of exFAT labels
  228 o Version 2.10 (2016.07.20)
  229     Add SHA-256 validation for downloaded files. You will now see an ✓ or ✗ in the log for relevant content
  230     Add support for O2Micro PCI-E card readers
  231     Add compressed NTFS support for UEFI:NTFS
  232     Improve automatic closure of the Windows default format prompt
  233     Improve support for Ubuntu (silence a benign warning), Springdale (use the actual label) and Antergos (Syslinux version detection)
  234     Work around a Windows bug that can render a GPT disk inaccessible after cleanup (e.g. ChromeOS image)
  235     Fix hash computation for content that isn't a multiple of 64 bytes (NB: This did not affect ISOs)
  236     Fix Syslinux installation on some media, with huge thanks to 424778940z for the tests
  237     Fix a corner case where settings could be altered after Start had been pressed, if a hotplug event also occurred
  238     Additional fixes and improvements
  240 o Version 2.9 (2016.05.17)
  241     Add ARM support for UEFI:NTFS
  242     Fix UEFI:NTFS support for HP and Gigabyte firmwares (with thanks to Rod Smith and linnaea)
  243     Fix unwanted listing of some internal removable drives
  244     Fix the resurgence of a possible Syslinux installation crash
  245     Fix missing default cluster size default on exFAT for >32GB drives
  246     Fix the non-removal of the commandline hogger in some corner cases
  247     Use "modern" file selection dialog on Vista or later (if you can spot the difference, good for you...)
  249 o Version 2.8 (2016.03.22)
  250     Enable listing of non-USB card readers (EXPERIMENTAL)
  251     Major speed improvement for checksum computation
  252     Fix UI flicker during progress actualization
  253     Fix computation of FAT size for Large FAT32 (with thanks to Ady)
  254     Syslinux improvements
  255     Update GRUB to 2.02~beta3
  257 o Version 2.7 (2016.02.14)
  258     Add Thai translation, courtesy of Sippapas Wangsri
  259     Add Drag and Drop support, courtesy of SeymourApps
  260     Add a retry for most write operations
  261     Update UEFI:NTFS, ms-sys and Grub4DOS to latest
  262     Dual sign Rufus with both SHA-1 and SHA-256
  263     Fix 2nd line of SHA-256 being hidden on some platforms
  264     Fix shutdown prevention issues
  265     Additional fixes & translation updates
  267 o Version 2.6 (2015.12.22)
  268     Add Serbian (Latin) translation, courtesy of Ivan Strugar
  269     Add a cheat mode to zero a device (Alt-Z)
  270     Fix dual BIOS/UEFI mode not being disabled once enabled (Alt-E)
  271     Fix a crash when Syslinux downloaded files are modified by a firewall
  272     Fix FAT32 not being disabled for Windows ISOs in BIOS/CSM mode
  273     Additional translation updates
  275 o Version 2.5 (2015.10.26)
  276     Add SHA-256 checksum verification
  277     Add a cheat mode to disable exclusive USB drive locking (Alt-,)
  278     Add digital signature check on update downloads
  279     Add Azerbaijani translation, courtesy of Elvin Məlikov
  280     Add Persian translation, courtesy of Seyed Zia Azimi (ziaa)
  281     Fix an issue where the update settings dialog may not display properly
  282     Report Windows build number in the log (Windows 8 or later)
  283     Many localization improvements and fixes, especially for right-to-left languages
  284     Additional translation updates
  286 o Version 2.4 (2015.09.27)
  287     Allow some settings and cheat modes to be persisted between sessions
  288     Fix multiple issues with flash drive detection
  289     Fix listing of drives that contain no media
  290     Fix cheat mode to save the current USB to *uncompressed* VHD (Alt-V)
  291     Fix an UI scaling issue with high DPI displays for non English languages
  292     Update most of the translations
  293     Additional cosmetic improvements
  295 o Version 2.3 (2015.08.28)
  296     Detect ISOHybrid images and ask users how they should be written
  297     Add MD5/SHA1 checksum verification ('#' button on the status bar)
  298     Add Zip decompression support for DD Images
  299     Add a cheat mode to save the current USB to *uncompressed* VHD (Alt-V)
  300     Add a cheat mode for ISO timestamp preservation (Alt-T)
  301     Add a cheat mode for USB enumeration debugging (Alt-.)
  302     Disable MS-DOS creation for Windows 10 or later (FreeDOS is still available)
  303     Fix Windows To Go creation issues, and enable access to internal disks
  304     Fix UEFI support for Fedora ISOs
  305     Fix some USB enumeration issues
  306     Other improvements and fixes, including translation updates
  308 o Version 2.2 (2015.05.31)
  309     Modernize the language selection button, courtesy of David Warner
  310     Add keyboard accessibility, courtesy of David Warner
  311     Add a clear indication of when UEFI-CSM is to be used
  312     Fix an USB detection issue and add support for ASUS UASP "Turbo Mode"
  313     Fix prevention of Windows shutdown when Rufus is idle
  314     Improve UI on high DPI monitors
  315     Update Grub4DOS to 0.4.6a [2015.05.18]
  316     Other UI improvements and fixes, including translation updates
  318 o Version 2.1 (2015.03.23)
  319     Add 32 bit support to UEFI:NTFS boot
  320     Add standalone UEFI:NTFS boot installation, in advanced mode
  321     Add Vietnamese translation, courtesy of thanhtai2009
  322     Disable support for ISOs that don't report their GRUB version (looking at you Kaspersky!)
  323     Fix broken Windows UEFI installation when using GPT/NTFS
  324     Fix creation of 32 bit UEFI Windows 10 installation flash drives
  325     Other improvements
  327 o Version 2.0 (2015.03.03)
  328     Major UI improvements (improved font, new info field, no separate progress dialog, etc.)
  329     Add support for Windows To Go (if Rufus is running on Windows 8 or later)
  330     Add support for Grub4DOS and GRUB 2 based images (e.g. FreeNAS)
  331     Add portable application support, through a 'rufus.ini' file
  332     Add native decompression support for DD images (.Z, .gz, .lzma, .bz2 and .xz)
  333     Add seamless UEFI boot of NTFS partitions, for Windows ISOs with large files (>4GB)
  334     Add support for Windows multipart 'install.swm'
  335     Add support for non Microsoft VHD drivers
  336     Add Norwegian translation, courtesy of JED
  337     Fix a crash on image selection when no device is present
  338     Fix broken VHD support for non-English version of Windows
  339     Fix write error for DD images that are not a multiple of the sector size
  340     Fix broken Unicode support
  341     Update embedded Syslinux to 6.03
  342     Other improvements and fixes
  344 o Version 1.4.12 (2014.11.09) [BUGFIX RELEASE]
  345     Fix support for Red Hat 7 and CentOS 7
  346     Fix support for Debian 7.x
  347     Fix default listing of Mushkin Ventura Ultra USB 3.0 drives
  348     Fix Czech translation, courtesy of Jakub Moc
  349     Update Windows version listing for Windows 10
  351 o Version 1.4.11 (2014.11.04)
  352     Add Czech translation, courtesy of Richard Kahl
  353     Add Ukrainian translation, courtesy of VKS
  354     Fix formatting of drives with a large sector size (2K, 4K)
  355     Fix UEFI boot for Tails and other Syslinux/EFI based ISOs
  356     Fix listing of devices when all 26 drive letters are in use
  357     Add a minimize button and minor UI changes
  358     Other improvements
  360 o Version 1.4.10 (2014.08.15)
  361     Fix a crash when scanning disk images with no USB drive plugged
  362     Fix default detection of some OCZ flash drives
  363     Improve Syslinux 6.x support (for Tails 1.x and other ISOs)
  364     Improve disk image handling (refresh partitions, remount drive, etc.)
  365     Other fixes and improvements
  367 o Version 1.4.9 (2014.06.08) [BUGFIX RELEASE]
  368     Fix listing of drives for Windows XP and Windows Vista (reported by Alex Andrews)
  370 o Version 1.4.8 (2014.06.03)
  371     Add KolibriOS ISO support
  372     Add Arabic translation, courtesy of عمر الصمد
  373     Add Croatian translation, courtesy of Dario Komar
  374     Add Danish translation, courtesy of Jens Hansen
  375     Add Latvian translation, courtesy of Aldis Tutins
  376     Add Portuguese Brazilian translation, courtesy of Chateaubriand Vieira Moura
  377     Allow the use of VHDs as DD image source (fixed disk/uncompressed only)
  378     Report the detected USB speed in the log
  379     Fix a long standing issue when launching Rufus using Far Manager
  380     Fix support for pure UEFI bootable disk images
  381     Fix detection for some Buffalo, Lacie, Samsung, Toshiba and Verbatim drives
  382     Various other fixes and improvements
  384 o Version 1.4.7 (2014.04.22)
  385     Add VHD support as a target, courtesy of Scott
  386     Add ReFS support (only for Windows 8.1 or later and only for fixed drives)
  387     Add a cheat mode to force the use of DD image writing for dual ISOs
  388     Add Japanese translation, courtesy of Chantella Jackson
  389     Add Slovak translation, courtesy of martinco78
  390     Add Swedish translation, courtesy of Sopor
  391     Improve the display of filesizes when copying content
  392     Fix FAT32 cluster transitions
  393     Fix unpartitioned drives not always being listed
  394     Fix bad blocks report
  396 o Version 1.4.6 (2014.03.17)
  397     Display USB size in the dropdown list
  398     Add Bulgarian translation, courtesy of Krasimir Nevenov
  399     Improve checkbox handling in the UI and fix UDF/exFAT formatting issues
  400     Fix replacement of obsolete vesamenu.c32 (reported by Liang)
  401     Fix an issue that could prevent the download of files from the Rufus website
  402     Fix untimely libcdio messages when processing Rock-Ridge ISOs (such as Ubuntu)
  403     Other fixes
  405 o Version 1.4.5 (2014.02.27) [BUGFIX RELEASE]
  406     Fix detection of fixed drives (reported by dominiquesb)
  408 o Version 1.4.4 (2014.02.26)
  409     Add *uncompressed* Disk Image support (FreeBSD, FreeNAS, etc.)
  410     Add right-to-left language support
  411     Add an alert when multiple partitions are about to be erased
  412     Add (unofficial) NTFS Compression support
  413     Add Finnish translation, courtesy of Riku Brander
  414     Ignore failure on ISO autorun.inf creation, to keep dumb security applications happy
  415     Improve hotplug detection
  416     Improve Syslinux v5+ support (requires an internet connection to download extra files)
  417     Fix support for latest gparted, ArchLinux, and other Syslinux v5+ based ISOs
  418     Fix detection for Toshiba drives (again)
  419     Fix UDF Unicode support
  421 o Version 1.4.3 (2014.01.21) [BUGFIX RELEASE]
  422     Fix format operation not starting on Windows XP (reported by ank91)
  424 o Version 1.4.2 (2014.01.18)
  425     Add USB Attached SCSI (UAS) support
  426     Add ReactOS support
  427     Add NTFS UEFI support, for targets that can support it
  428     Add insertion detection for USB memory card readers
  429     Add retry when writing ISO files... again
  430     Add Chinese (Simplified) translation, courtesy of 佚名
  431     Add Indonesian translation, courtesy of Abe Akatsuki
  432     Add Malay translation, courtesy of Muhammad Aman
  433     Add Portuguese (Portugal) translation, courtesy of Fernando Baptista
  434     Speed up boot record cleanup, for slow drives
  435     Improve initial locale detection
  436     Save user selected locale between sessions
  437     Always use English locale in the log, where possible
  438     Fix detection for some SanDisk, Kingston, HP and Toshiba drives
  439     Fix a potential issue with drive letter assignation
  440     Various other fixes and improvements
  442 o Version 1.4.1 (2013.12.05) [BUGFIX RELEASE]
  443     Fix broken Syslinux support (reported by ank91)
  444     Add Slovenian support, courtesy of Matej Horvat
  446 o Version 1.4.0 (2013.12.02)
  447     Add localization support, with native integration for the following languages:
  448     - Chinese (Traditional), courtesy of 佚
  449     - Dutch, courtesy of Roberto Pino
  450     - French, courtesy of myself ("Je vais me gêner !")
  451     - German, courtesy of Thilo Langbein
  452     - Greek, courtesy of Konstantinos and Nikolaos Margaritis
  453     - Hungarian, courtesy of georg1136
  454     - Italian, courtesy of bovirus
  455     - Korean, courtesy of 나두야간다
  456     - Lithuanian, courtesy of Gintaras Venslovas
  457     - Polish, courtesy of Piotr Halama
  458     - Romanian, courtesy of Gîrlea Alexandru
  459     - Russian, courtesy of Кирилл Иванов
  460     - Spanish, courtesy of José Pineda
  461     - Turkish, courtesy of Mehmetali Kuran
  462     - More to come, more wanted! See http://rufus.akeo.ie/translations
  463     Add "smart" detection of USB HDD vs USB Flash Drive
  464     Add retry when writing ISO files
  465     Add detection and display of VID:PID for the target device (in the log)
  466     Updated Syslinux to v4.0.7
  467     Fixed some issues with DOS localization
  468     Fixed FAT32 formatting for large and GPT disks
  469     Fixed support for Ubuntu, Scientific Linux, unofficial Windows and other ISOs
  470     Various other fixes and improvements
  472 o Version 1.3.4 (2013.07.15)
  473     Syslinux v5 support (NEW)
  474     UDF formatting support (NEW - Vista and later only)
  475     More drive handling improvements, to avoid "Could not open media" errors
  476     Fixed support for ISOs containing files larger than 4GB
  477     Fixed elevation request for unprivileged users
  478     Fixed download of c32 files into the application directory
  479     Better compression algorithm for the executable
  480     Other bug fixes and improvements (spelling, UI, etc.)
  482 o Version 1.3.3 (2013.06.10)
  483     Drive handling and hotplug detection overhaul
  484     Add support for raw/unpartitioned drives
  485     Add (limited) commandline support, to specify the ISO image to open
  486     Add option to list fixed/unpartitioned drives, in the advanced options
  487     Fix broken detection of unsupported ISO images
  488     Don't assume C: to be the drive letter for DOS
  489     Various other fixes and improvements
  491 o Version 1.3.2 (2013.01.27)
  492     Fix support for newer ArchLinux ISOs, that was removed in 1.3.1
  493     Add support for UEFI boot, as well as GPT. What this means is that Rufus can
  494       now produce UEFI bootable UFDs from EFI compatible ISOs, such as Windows 7 x64,
  495       Windows 8, ArchLinux, etc.
  496     The first partition is now always aligned to 1MB (unless advanced options are used)
  497     Internal refactoring and fixes
  499 o Version 1.3.1 (2013.01.09)
  500     Fix Windows XP ISO support, that was broken in 1.3.0
  501     Drop support for newer ArchLinux ISOs - this will be fixed in 1.3.2
  502     Indicate which of FAT32 or Large FAT32 will be used as well as Partition Scheme
  503     Various internal fixes
  505 o Version 1.3.0 (2012.12.16)
  506     FAT32 format support for >32GB drives
  507       Based on fat32format from Ridgecrop Consultants Ltd:
  508       http://www.ridgecrop.demon.co.uk/index.htm?fat32format.htm
  509     Automated update check
  510     Relax ISO9660 compliance for Arch Linux images
  511     Add support for VMWare ESXi 5.1 ISO images
  512     Update Syslinux to v4.0.6 and libcdio to v0.90
  513     Miscellaneous UI improvements and fixes
  515 o Version 1.2.0 (2012.06.04)
  516     Single version of Rufus, that includes FreeDOS support always
  517     Add a toggleable advanced options panel
  518     Add bare Syslinux installation for (FAT partitions only)
  519     Add taskbar progress (Windows 7 or later)
  520     Integrate logging output in the application
  521     Fixes unavailable boot option when an empty card reader is plugged (reported by TheHive)
  522     Works around the use of non-ISO compliant LiveXP images (reported by TheHive)
  523     Various other bugfixes and improvements
  525 o Version 1.1.7 (2012.04.06):
  526     Fixes wrong bootable disk ID introduced in 1.1.6 (reported by Jeff Byers)
  527     Fixes support for minint WinPE 1.x images
  529 o Version 1.1.6 (2012.03.27):
  530     Add ISO support for Windows XP (SP2 or later), Windows 2003 and BartPE
  532 o Version 1.1.5 (2012.03.12):
  533     Fixes detection of devices without friendly name (reported by rschiang)
  534     Fixes support of WinPE/AIK ISO images (reported by Dmitry Sokolov)
  535     Fixes no disk at launch with empty card readers (reported by ChrisR
  536     Add download of vesamenu.c32 for ISOs that need it
  538 o Version 1.1.4 (2012.03.03):
  539     Fixes ISO support for directories with extended characters (reported by ChrisR)
  540     Fixes bad blocks test issues (reported by steve6375)
  541     Read extended labels from autorun.inf when present
  542     Update FreeDOS files to latest versions
  544 o Version 1.1.3 (2012.02.24):
  545     Fixes an issue on XP when using Windows ISOs (reported by wimb)
  546     Disable listing of fixed drives (eg. HDDs)
  547     Add 'fake' USB drive detection during bad blocks check
  549 o Version 1.1.2 (2012.02.22):
  550     Fixes ISO support for Fedora, openSUSE and Hiren's Boot CD
  551     Add icon and extended/international label support
  553 o Version 1.1.1 (2012.02.16):
  554     ISO image support (syslinux) - targeted at Linux installation ISOs
  555     ISO fixes and UI improvements
  557 o Version 1.1.0 (2012.02.08):
  558     ISO image support (NTFS, bootmgr only - targeted at Windows installation ISOs)
  560 o Version 1.0.7 (2012.02.02):
  561     Fixes a detection issue on platforms with multiple optical drives (with thanks to ElGaton)
  562     Add number of passes for bad blocks check
  563     Improved locale selection for FreeDOS
  565 o Version 1.0.6 (2012.01.03):
  566     Log report when bad blocks are found
  568 o Version 1.0.5 (2011.12.25):
  569     Keyboard layout detection & support
  571 o Version 1.0.4 (2011.12.16):
  572     FreeDOS support
  574 o Version 1.0.3 (2011.12.12):
  575     First public release
  576     Progress status improvements
  577     Filtering of invalid cluster sizes
  578     Disable Autoplay on Vista and later while the application is running
  580 o Version 1.0.2 (2011.12.06):
  581     Beta release
  582     Support for bad blocks check
  584 o Version 1.0.1 (2011.12.04):
  585     Alpha release