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    2 Reiserfs is a file system based on balanced tree algorithms, which is described
    3 at www.namesys.com.
    7 ReiserFSprogs is hereby licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2
    8 but with the following "Anti-Plagiarism" modification:   You may not remove any
    9 credits  or  brand marks,  or cause them to not display,  unless you are an end
   10 user  (that is,  you are not redistributing to others).  Yes,  there really are
   11 people with the nerve  to remove credits from software  they did not write,  or
   12 only wrote a small part of,  and they are even frequently occurring sad to say.
   13 Credits are not ads,  credits describe  someone's  contribution  to the project
   14 (e.g. labor or money) whereas an ad says something else.
   16 Source   code   files   that   contain   the   phrase  "licensing  governed  by
   17 reiserfsprogs/README" are "governed files" throughout that file. Governed files
   18 are licensed under this license.  The portions of them owned by Hans Reiser, or
   19 authorized to be licensed by him, have been in the past,  and likely will be in
   20 the future,  licensed to other parties  under  other licenses.  If you add your
   21 code to governed files,  and don't want it to be owned by Hans Reiser, put your
   22 copyright label on that code  so  we  can  keep  things straight.  It will be a
   23 kindness if you identify whether Hans Reiser is allowed to license code labeled
   24 as owned by you on your behalf other than under this license,  because he wants
   25 to  know  if  it  is  okay  to  do  so and  put a check in the mail to you (for
   26 non-trivial improvements)  when he makes his next sale.  He makes no guarantees
   27 as to  the amount if any,  though he feels motivated  to motivate contributors,
   28 and you can surely discuss this with him before or after contributing. You have
   29 the right to decline  to allow him to license your code contribution other than
   30 under  this  license or the GPL.  Further  licensing  options are available for
   31 commercial and/or other interests directly from reiser@namesys.com<P>
   34 Send bug reports to reiserfs-devel@vger.kernel.org.
   36 Hideous  Commercial  Pitch: Spread  your  development  costs  across  other  OS
   37 vendors.  Select from the best in the world,  not the best in your building, by
   38 buying from third party OS component suppliers. Leverage the software component
   39 development power  of the internet.  Be the most aggressive in taking advantage
   40 of the commercial possibilities of decentralized internet development,  and add
   41 value through your branded integration  that  you  sell as an operating system. 
   42 Let your competitors  be the ones  to compete  against  the entire  internet by
   43 themselves.  Be hip,  get with the new economic trend,  before your competitors 
   44 do. Send email to reiser@namesys.com.
   46 To understand the code,  after reading the website,  start reading  the code by
   47 reading reiserfs_fs.h first.
   49 IMPORTANT NOTE: As of approximately October 2007, namesys.com has been
   50 offline and all of the original Namesys staff have gone on to other ventures
   51 or are otherwise unavailable. All removals of the namesys.com domain from
   52 the code and documentation are to avoid confusion by users, not to avoid
   53 proper attribution. Reiserfsprogs has been maintained by the ReiserFS
   54 development community for some time and can be reached at
   55 reiserfs-devel@vger.kernel.org.