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    1 # Only important or pre-first run parameters are left in this global option file.
    2 # After the first run, all the parameters will be available in this global option file
    3 # or in a new local option file, depending on the MultiUser value below
    5 # Most of the options are modifiable through the Preference window
    7 [General]
    8 # Setting MultiUser to false will use the application's installation directory as cache directory,
    9 # which can be useful if you want to keep the application and all the cache data in a single place,
   10 # an external HD for example
   11 MultiUser=true
   13 [File Browser]
   14 # Image filename extensions to be looked for, and their corresponding search state (0/1 -> skip/include)
   15 ParseExtensions=3fr;arw;arq;cr2;crf;crw;dcr;dng;fff;iiq;jpg;jpeg;kdc;mef;mos;mrw;nef;nrw;orf;pef;png;raf;raw;rw2;rwl;rwz;sr2;srf;srw;tif;tiff;x3f;
   16 ParseExtensionsEnabled=1;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;0;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;
   18 [Output]
   19 PathTemplate=%p1/converted/%f
   21 [Profiles]
   22 # if this is set to a path of a custom program, it will receive the EXIFs as parameters and must generate a PP3 preset file for the given raw/JPG
   23 # Parameters: <Path to raw/JPG> <Path to default profile> <fNumber> <expose in seconds> <focal length in mm> <ISO> <Lens> <Camera>
   24 CustomProfileBuilder=
   26 # Set here an absolute or relative path (to the rawtherapee.exe file) to the directory containing your own profiles.
   27 # If MultiUser=true, each user will have their own "options" file, and can set a common or different absolu path
   28 #Directory=profiles
   30 # Uncomment and set UseBundledProfiles to false if you don't want to be polluted by RawTherapee's bundled profiles
   31 # Warning: if you don't set RawDefault and ImgDefault to one of your own profile, Internal values will be used instead
   32 #UseBundledProfiles=true
   34 # Default profile name (without extension) to use for raw images
   35 #RawDefault=${G}/Default
   37 # Default profile name (without extension) to use for standard (8bits) images
   38 #ImgDefault=Neutral