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    2                      Ragel State Machine Compiler -- CREDITS
    3                      =======================================
    6 * Ragel was designed and written by Adrian Thurston <thurston@complang.org>.
    8 Many others have helped out along the way. My apolgies to anyone who has been
    9 missed.
   11 * Many thanks to Arbor Networks for supporting development of Ragel.
   13 * Objective-C output and valuable feedback contributed by Erich Ocean.
   15 * D output and many great ideas contributed by Alan West.
   17 * Conditionals inspired by David Helder.
   19 * Java code generation contributions, bug reports, fixes, test cases
   20   and suggestions from Colin Fleming.
   22 * Useful discussions and bug reports due to Carlos Antunes.
   24 * Ruby code generation contributed by Victor Hugo Borja.
   26 * C# code generation contributed by Daniel Tang.
   28 * Go code generation contributed by Justine Tunney. Significantly expanded by
   29   Anton Ageev
   31 * D2 patch from Johannes Pfau.
   33 * OCaml patch from ygrek.
   35 * Feedback, Packaging, and Fixes provided by:
   37     Bob Tennent, Robert Lemmen, Tobias Jahn, Cris Bailiff, Buddy Betts,
   38     Scott Dixon, Steven Handerson, Michael Somos, Bob Paddock, Istvan Buki,
   39     David Drai, Matthias Rahlf, Zinx Verituse, Markus W. Weissmann,
   40     Marc Liyanage, Erich Ocean, Alan West, Steven Kibbler, Laurent Boulard,
   41     Jon Oberheide, David Helder, Lexington Luthor, Jason Jobe, Colin Fleming,
   42     Carlos Antunes, Steve Horne, Matt Mower, Josef Goettgens, Zed Shaw,
   43     Marcus Rueckert, Jeremy Hinegardner, Aaron Campbell, Josh Purinton,
   44     Judson Lester, Barry Arthur, Tim Potter, Ryan Phelps, David Waite,
   45     Kenny MacDermid, MenTaLguY, Manoj Rajagopalan, Tim Chklovski,
   46     Mikkel Fahnøe Jørgensen, Andrei Polushin, Evan Phoenix, David Balmain,
   47     Ross Thomas, Mitchell Foral, John D. Mitchell, Diego 'Flameeyes' Pettenò,
   48     Jose Quinteiro, William Morgan, _why, Iñaki Baz Castillo, Attila Sztupák,
   49     Ismael Luceno, Josh Stern, Denis Naumov, Anton Ageev, Kamil Klimkiewicz,
   50     Hesham Wahba, Phil Carmody