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    1 Note [TH abstraction violation]
    2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    4 TH/THC provide some hpp headers, which are proper C++ headers rather than
    5 C headers.  These headers serve double duty as *internal implementation
    6 detail* headers, whose contents should largely not be used by external
    7 clients.
    9 Ideally, we would not install these headers at all; instead, you should
   10 use public functions (in headers like `THTensor.h`, NOT `THTensor.hpp`)
   11 to manipulate these structs.  However, there are a few places
   12 in torch/csrc where we violate this abstraction.  They are marked with
   13 a pointer to this note.  Each of those sites will have to be refactored
   14 when we refactor the guts of THTensor and related structures.