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PyTorch Release Scripts

These are a collection of scripts that are to be used for release activities.

NOTE: All scripts should do no actual work unless the DRY_RUN environment variable is set to disabled. The basic idea being that there should be no potential to do anything dangerous unless DRY_RUN is explicitly set to disabled.

Requirements to actually run these scripts


These are scripts related to promotion of release candidates to GA channels, these can actually be used to promote pytorch, libtorch, and related domain libraries.


Usage should be fairly straightforward and should actually require no extra variables if you are running from the correct git tags. (i.e. the GA tag to promote is currently checked out)

PACKAGE_TYPE and PACKAGE_NAME can be swapped out to promote other packages.

Promoting pytorch wheels


Promoting libtorch archives

PACKAGE_TYPE=libtorch PACKAGE_NAME=libtorch promote/s3_to_s3.sh

Promoting conda packages


Promoting wheels to PyPI

WARNING: These can only be run once and cannot be undone, run with caution


Restoring backups

All release candidates are currently backed up to s3://pytorch-backup/${TAG_NAME} and can be restored to the test channels with the restore-backup.sh script.

Which backup to restore from is dictated by the RESTORE_FROM environment variable.


RESTORE_FROM=v1.5.0-rc5 ./restore-backup.sh