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PyTorch for iOS

Cocoapods Developers

PyTorch is now available via Cocoapods, to integrate it to your project, simply add the following line to your Podfile and run pod install

pod 'LibTorch'

Import the library

For Objective-C developers, simply import the umbrella header

#import <LibTorch/LibTorch.h>

For Swift developers, you need to create an Objective-C class as a bridge to call the C++ APIs. We highly recommend you to follow the Image Classification demo where you can find out how C++, Objective-C and Swift work together.

Disable Bitcode

Since PyTorch is not yet built with bitcode support, you need to disable bitcode for your target by selecting the Build Settings, searching for Enable Bitcode and set the value to No.


PyTorch is BSD-style licensed, as found in the LICENSE file.