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Python Language Reference Coverage

This is a 1:1 mapping of the features listed in https://docs.python.org/3/reference/ and their support in TorchScript. The categorizations are as follows:

Section Status Note
1. Introduction Not Relevant
1.1. Alternate Implementations Not Relevant
1.2. Notation Not Relevant
2. Lexical analysis Not Relevant
2.1. Line structure Not Relevant
2.1.1. Logical lines Not Relevant
2.1.2. Physical lines Supported
2.1.3. Comments Supported
2.1.4. Encoding declarations Not Supported TorchScript explicitly don't support unicode
2.1.5. Explicit line joining Supported
2.1.6. Implicit line joining Supported
2.1.7. Blank lines Supported
2.1.8. Indentation Supported
2.1.9. Whitespace between tokens Not Relevant
2.2. Other tokens Not Relevant
2.3. Identifiers and keywords Supported
2.3.1. Keywords Supported
2.3.2. Reserved classes of identifiers Supported
2.4. Literals Not Relevant
2.4.1. String and Bytes literals Supported
2.4.2. String literal concatenation Supported
2.4.3. Formatted string literals Partially Supported
2.4.4. Numeric literals Supported
2.4.5. Integer literals Supported
2.4.6. Floating point literals Supported
2.4.7. Imaginary literals Not Supported
2.5. Operators Partially Supported Not supported: <<, >>, :=
2.6. Delimiters Partially Supported Not supported: **=, <<=, >>=, %=, ^=, @=, &=, //=, % operator for some types (e.g. str)
3. Data model Not Relevant
3.1. Objects, values and types Not Relevant
3.2. The standard type hierarchy Partially Supported Not supported: NotImplemented, Ellipsis, numbers.Complex, bytes, byte arrays, sets, frozen sets, generators, coroutines, async generators, modules, I/O objects, internal objects, slice objects ( though slicing is supported), classmethod
3.3. Special method names Supported
3.3.1. Basic customization Partially Supported Not supported: __new__ , __del__ , __bytes__ , __format__ , __hash__ ,
3.3.2. Customizing attribute access Not Supported Customizing module attribute access Not Supported Implementing Descriptors Not Supported Invoking Descriptors Not Supported __slots__ Not Supported Notes on using __slots__ Not Supported
3.3.3. Customizing class creation Not Supported Metaclasses Not Supported Resolving MRO entries Not Supported super() is not supported Determining the appropriate metaclass Not relevant Preparing the class namespace Not relevant Executing the class body Not relevant Creating the class object Not relevant Uses for metaclasses Not relevant
3.3.4. Customizing instance and subclass checks Not Supported
3.3.5. Emulating generic types Not Supported
3.3.6. Emulating callable objects Supported
3.3.7. Emulating container types Partially Supported Some magic methods not supported (e.g. __iter__ )
3.3.8. Emulating numeric types Partially Supported Magic methods with swapped operands not supported (__r*__)
3.3.9. With Statement Context Managers Not Supported
3.3.10. Special method lookup Not relevant
3.4. Coroutines Not Supported
3.4.1. Awaitable Objects Not Supported
3.4.2. Coroutine Objects Not Supported
3.4.3. Asynchronous Iterators Not Supported
3.4.4. Asynchronous Context Managers Not Supported
4. Execution model Not Relevant
4.1. Structure of a program Not Relevant
4.2. Naming and binding Not Relevant Names are bound at compile time in TorchScript
4.2.1. Binding of names Not Relevant See global and nonlocal statements section
4.2.2. Resolution of names Not Relevant See global and nonlocal statements section
4.2.3. Builtins and restricted execution Not Relevant
4.2.4. Interaction with dynamic features Not Supported Python values cannot be captured
4.3. Exceptions Partially Supported See try and raise statement section
5. The import system Not Relevant
6. Expressions Not Relevant See expressions section
6.1. Arithmetic conversions Supported
6.2. Atoms Not Relevant
6.2.1. Identifiers (Names) Supported
6.2.2. Literals Partially Supported bytesliteral, imagnumber not supported
6.2.3. Parenthesized forms Supported
6.2.4. Displays for lists, sets and dictionaries Partially Supported Not supported: comprehension ifs, async iterators
6.2.5. List displays Supported
6.2.6. Set displays Not Supported
6.2.7. Dictionary displays Supported dict() constructor with kwargs doesn't work, dict comprehensions, dictionary unpacking
6.2.8. Generator expressions Not Supported
6.2.9. Yield expressions Not Supported Generator-iterator methods Not Supported Examples Not Supported Asynchronous generator functions Not Supported Asynchronous generator-iterator methods Not Supported
6.3. Primaries Supported
6.3.1. Attribute references Supported
6.3.2. Subscriptions Supported
6.3.3. Slicings Partially Supported Tuple slicing with stride is not supported
6.3.4. Calls Partially Supported Args unpack / kwargs unpack is not supported
6.4. Await expression Not Supported
6.5. The power operator Supported
6.6. Unary arithmetic and bitwise operations Partially Supported Some bitwise operators are not implemented for primitive types (e.g. ~x where x is an int is not currently supported)
6.7. Binary arithmetic operations Partially Supported See delimiters section
6.8. Shifting operations Not Supported
6.9. Binary bitwise operations Supported
6.10. Comparisons Supported
6.10.1. Value comparisons Partially Supported Dictionary equality checks are not currently supported
6.10.2. Membership test operations Partially Supported Not supported for TorchScript classes
6.10.3. Identity comparisons Supported
6.11. Boolean operations Supported
6.12. Conditional expressions Supported
6.13. Lambdas Not Supported
6.14. Expression lists Partially Supported Iterable unpacking not supported
6.15. Evaluation order Supported
6.16. Operator precedence Supported
7. Simple statements Supported
7.1. Expression statements Supported
7.2. Assignment statements Supported
7.2.1. Augmented assignment statements Partially Supported See delimiters section
7.2.2. Annotated assignment statements Supported
7.3. The assert statement Partially Supported Exception message is not customizable
7.4. The pass statement Supported
7.5. The del statement Not Supported
7.6. The return statement Supported Some other features of returning (e.g. behavior with try..finally) are unsupported
7.7. The yield statement Not Supported
7.8. The raise statement Partially Supported Exception message is not customizable
7.9. The break statement Supported Some other features of returning (e.g. behavior with try..finally) are unsupported
7.10. The continue statement Supported Some other features of returning (e.g. behavior with try..finally) are unsupported
7.11. The import statement Not Supported
7.11.1. Future statements Not Supported
7.12. The global statement Not Supported
7.13. The nonlocal statement Not Supported
8. Compound statements Irrelevant
8.1. The if statement Supported
8.2. The while statement Partially Supported while..else is not supported
8.3. The for statement Partially Supported for..else is not supported
8.4. The try statement Not Supported
8.5. The with statement Supported
8.6. Function definitions Not Supported
8.7. Class definitions Not Supported
8.8. Coroutines Not Supported
8.8.1. Coroutine function definition Not Supported
8.8.2. The async for statement Not Supported
8.8.3. The async with statement Not Supported
9. Top-level components Not Relevant
9.1. Complete Python programs Not Relevant
9.2. File input Not Relevant
9.3. Interactive input Not Relevant
9.4. Expression input Not Relevant