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Fast RNN benchmarks

Benchmarks for TorchScript models

For most stable results, do the following:

Some of these scripts accept command line args but most of them do not because I was lazy. They will probably be added sometime in the future, but the default sizes are pretty reasonable.

Test fastrnns (fwd + bwd) correctness

Test the fastrnns benchmarking scripts with the following: python -m fastrnns.test or run the test independently: python -m fastrnns.test --rnns jit

Run benchmarks

python -m fastrnns.bench

should give a good comparison, or you can specify the type of model to run

python -m fastrnns.bench --rnns cudnn aten jit --group rnns

Run model profiling, calls nvprof

python -m fastrnns.profile

should generate nvprof file for all models somewhere. you can also specify the models to generate nvprof files separately:

python -m fastrnns.profile --rnns aten jit


Use Linux for the most accurate timing. A lot of these tests only run on CUDA.