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Installing Pony

Prebuilt Pony binaries are available on a number of platforms. They are built using a very generic CPU instruction set and as such, will not provide maximum performance. If you need to get the best performance possible from your Pony program, we strongly recommend building from source.


Prebuilt Linux packages are available via ponyup for Glibc and musl libc based Linux distribution. You can install nightly builds as well as official releases using ponyup.

To install the most recent ponyc on a Glibc distribution (for example, Debian, Ubuntu, and most distros):

ponyup update ponyc release

Additional requirements:

All ponyc Linux installations need a C compiler such as gcc or clang installed. The following distributions have additional requirements:

Distribution Requires
alpine libexecinfo
fedora libatomic


Pony can be installed as a Homebrew package.

brew update
brew install ponyc


Windows users will need to install:

Once you have installed the prerequisites, you can download the latest ponyc release from bintray.

Unzip the release file in a convenient location, and you will find ponyc.exe in the ponyc\bin directory. Following extraction, to make ponyc.exe globally available, add it to your PATH either by using Advanced System Settings->Environment Variables to extend PATH or by using the setx command, e.g. setx PATH "%PATH%;<directory you unzipped to>\ponyc\bin"