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    1 This file documents the changes made to port Perl to the Stratus
    2 VOS operating system.
    4 For 5.8.9:
    5      Updated vos hints file (vos.sh) to use the POSIX-2001
    6      standard and to recognize the V Series architecture of
    7      i786.  Cleaned-up a few issues so that more tests pass.
    8      This version builds on VOS Release 15.3.0.
   10 For 5.10.0:
   11      Added support for the syslog family of functions to vos.c.
   12      This allows the source code to be built on versions of VOS
   13      that do not support the syslog functions.
   15 For 5.9.0:
   16      Removed support for building (mini) perl on VOS using
   17      custom VOS command macros.  Henceforth, perl must be built
   18      using the native Configure script.
   20 For 5.8.4:
   21      Updated "config.alpha.def", "config.ga.def", "build.cm" and
   22      "perl.bind" to build this version of perl.
   24 For 5.8.0:
   25      Updated "config.alpha.def", "config.ga.def", "build.cm", and
   26      "install_perl.cm" to use directory naming conventions that
   27      are closer to the perl standard directory names.
   29      Added "compile_full_perl.cm", "configure_full_perl.sh" and
   30      "make_full_perl.sh" for building full perl.
   32      For the first time, full perl can now be built on VOS using
   33      its native Configure script and makefiles.  See README.vos
   34      for details.
   36 For 5.7.1:
   37      Updated "build.cm" and "compile_perl.cm" to build perl using
   38           either cc or gcc.
   39      Brought "config.alpha.def" and "config.ga.def" up-to-date.
   40      Updated "configure_perl.cm" to rebuild the header file even if
   41           the date of the definitions file is equal to the date of
   42           the header, because the perl distribution resets all dates
   43           to the same value.
   44      Update "Changes".
   45      Update "perl.bind".
   47 For 5.7:
   48      Updated "build.cm" to build perl using either the alpha or GA
   49           version of POSIX.
   50      Updated "Changes".
   51      Updated "compile_perl.cm" to use either the alpha or GA
   52           version of POSIX.
   53      Split "config.def" into config.alpha.def and config.ga.def;
   54           one for each version. Use the configure_perl.cm macro
   55           to select the appropriate version.
   56      Split "config.h" into config.alpha.h and config.ga.h. Use the
   57           configure_perl.cm macro to select the appropriate version.
   58      Updated "config.pl". It now diagnoses undefined (missing) and
   59           unused substitution variables. When a new version of
   60           Perl comes out, run "configure_perl.cm", add any missing
   61           definitions to config.*.def, and remove any unused
   62           definitions.
   63      Removed "config_h.SH_orig". It is no longer needed.
   64      Added "configure_perl.cm". It is used to configure perl so that
   65           it can be built with either version of VOS POSIX.1 support.
   66      Added "install_perl.cm" to install Perl into the appropriate
   67           system directories.
   68      Updated "perl.bind" to work with either the alpha or GA
   69           version of POSIX.
   70      Updated "vosish.h" to just use the standard "unixish.h" since
   71           there are no changes needed at this time.
   73 After 5.005_63:
   74      Supplied "config.pl" perl script that takes "config_h.SH_orig"
   75           and "config.def" as input and produces "config.h.new".
   76           With some luck, you will just need to edit "config.def"
   77           to create a new port.
   78      Updated "build.cm".
   79      Updated "compile_perl.cm".
   80      Added   "config.def".
   81      Updated "config.h".
   82      Added   "config.pl".
   83      Updated "config_h.SH_orig".
   84      Updated "perl.bind".
   85      Updated "README.vos".
   86      Updated "vos_dummies.c".
   87      Updated "vosish.h".
   89 after 5.005_02:
   90      Initial release.
   91      Supplied "build.cm" command macro to build perl.
   92      Supplied "Changes" to document the change history.
   93      Supplied "compile_perl.cm" to launch processes to compile all
   94           four versions of the Perl 5 binaries.
   95      Supplied "config.h" to configure Perl 5 to VOS. Unfortunately,
   96           since VOS does not have the configure tool, this file was
   97           built by hand by editing "config_h.SH".
   98      Supplied "config_h.SH_orig", which is the version of this file
   99           that was current for version 5.005_02. Use this to discover
  100           any subsequent changes to config_h.SH that must be
  101           hand-copied into the real config.h.
  102      Supplied "perl.bind" to control the VOS binder.
  103      Supplied "README.vos" to describe the VOS port.
  104      Supplied "test_vos_dummies.c" to test the VOS dummy functions.
  105      Supplied "vos_dummies.c" to trap unimplemented POSIX functions.
  106      Supplied "vosish.h" to configure Perl 5 to VOS.
  108 (end)