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    1 The PerlApp* files are a demonstration application for the CPerlBase
    2 class, which is defined and implemented by the PerlBase* files. 
    3 The rest of the files are part of the Symbian base port.
    5 All files are Copyright (c) Nokia, 2004-2005, all rights reserved,
    6 and licensed under the same terms as Perl itself.
    8 Once the 'sdkinstall' make target has been run in the top level,
    9 the PerlApp can be built using the standard Symbian way:
   11 	bldmake bldfiles
   12 	abld build wins udeb
   13 	abld build thumb urel
   15 and then packaged into a SIS by:
   17 	makesis PerlApp.pkg
   19 --