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    1 Patching instructions for ExtUtils::CBuilder
    3 1. Check for any changes to .pm files since dev or stable Perl release.  E.g.
    4 to check for changes since v5.15.8:
    6     $ cd dist/ExtUtils-CBuilder
    7     $ git log v5.15.8..blead -- .
    9 2. If you are making the first change since the last Perl release, you need to
   10 bump the $VERSION in all .pm files and update the Changes file with the new
   11 version.  In the Changes file, put the expected *NEXT* release of Perl (dev or
   12 stable) as the release date and version.  E.g. after v5.15.8, I added this line
   13 to Changes to indicate what will be next release:
   15     0.280206 - 2012-03-20 (Perl v5.15.9)
   17 3. Add an entry to Changes for your work
   19 4. Update Makefile.PL, MANIFEST.SKIP or other support files as necessary. E.g.
   20 update Makefile.PL with any changes to prerequisites.
   22 5. Commit all changes (preferably to a branch)
   24 6. Run Configure/make/make test and check for errors.  If there are any, fix them.
   26 7. If all is well, push your commits to blead or send a patch to p5p if you do
   27 not have commit access to the Perl 5 repository