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    1 microperl is supposed to be a really minimal perl, even more
    2 minimal than miniperl.  No Configure is needed to build microperl,
    3 on the other hand this means that interfaces between Perl and your
    4 operating system are left very -- minimal.
    6 All this is experimental.  If you don't know what to do with microperl
    7 you probably shouldn't.  Please don't report bugs in microperl; fix the
    8 bugs.  (Bugs reports about microperl without fixes/patches are equivalent
    9 to wishlist requests - they won't be discarded, but they likely won't get
   10 worked on either, unless they chance to coincide with someone's personal itch)
   12 We assume ANSI C89 plus the following:
   13 - <stddef.h>, <stdlib.h>
   14 - rename()
   15 - opendir(), readdir(), closedir() (via dirent.h)
   16 - memchr(), memcmp(), memcpy(), memset() (via string.h)
   17 - (a safe) putenv() (via stdlib.h)
   18 - strtoul() (via stdlib.h)
   19 (grep for 'define' in uconfig.sh.)
   20 Also, Perl times() is defined to always return zeroes.
   22 If you are still reading this and you are itching to try out microperl:
   24 	make -f Makefile.micro
   26 The defaults assume a little endian LP32 platform - ie long and pointers are
   27 32 bits, so sizeof(long) and sizeof(void *) are 4
   28 If your platform is little endian LP64 - ie long and pointers are 64 bits,
   29 sizeof(long) and sizeof(void *) are 8, then you first need to run
   31 	make -f Makefile.micro regen_uconfig64
   33 to generate a suitable uconfig.h
   35 If you make changes to uconfig.sh, run
   37 	make -f Makefile.micro regen_uconfig
   39 to regenerate uconfig.h.  (or regen_uconfig64 if you're editing uconfig64.sh)
   42 If neither of the above default configs work on your platform, you might want
   43 to try
   45 	make -f Makefile.micro patch_uconfig
   47 *before* the "make -f Makefile.micro".  This tries to minimally patch
   48 the uconfig.sh using your *current* Perl so that your microperl has
   49 the correct basic types and sizes and byteorder.