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    5 =head1 NAME
    7 perlmacos - Perl under Mac OS (Classic)
    9 =head1 SYNOPSIS
   11 For Mac OS X see README.macosx
   13 Perl under Mac OS Classic has not been supported since before Perl 5.10
   14 (April 2004).
   16 When we say "Mac OS" below, we mean Mac OS 7, 8, and 9, and I<not>
   17 Mac OS X.
   19 =head1 DESCRIPTION
   21 The port of Perl to Mac OS was officially removed as of Perl 5.12,
   22 though the last official production release of MacPerl corresponded to 
   23 Perl 5.6. While Perl 5.10 included the port to Mac OS, ExtUtils::MakeMaker,
   24 a core part of Perl's module installation infrastructure officially dropped support for Mac OS in April 2004.
   26 =head1 AUTHOR
   28 Perl was ported to Mac OS by Matthias Neeracher
   29 E<lt>neeracher@mac.comE<gt>. Chris Nandor E<lt>pudge@pobox.comE<gt>
   30 continued development and maintenance for the duration of the port's life.