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README.pod - README for the Porting/ directory in the Perl 5 core distribution.



Generates the text which goes in the Acknowledgements section in a perldelta. You pass in the previous version and it guesses the next version, fetches information from the repository and outputs the text.


Program to prepare dual-life distributions for insertion into the Perl 5 lib/ and t/ directories. Now thought to be largely superseded.


Do performance analysis on the code snippets in t/perf/benchmarks.

bisect-example.sh, bisect.pl and bisect-runner.pl

Use git bisect to pinpoint changes.


A utility to find, and optionally bump, references to the perl version number in various files within the perl source.


Performs pathname portability checks, including whether there are naming conflicts when names are truncated to the DOSish, case-ignoring 8.3 format.


Check source code for ANSI-C violations.


Used by t/porting/authors.t to ensure the AUTHORS list is up to date.


Check where the symbols defined in the various config.sh-clones are being used. VMS is probably not handled properly here.


Check that the various config.sh-clones have (at least) all the same symbols as the top-level config_h.SH so that the (potentially) needed symbols are not lagging after how Configure thinks the world is laid out. VMS is probably not handled properly here, due to their own rather elaborate DCL scripting.


Scans the commit logs for commits that are potentially, illegitimately touching modules that are primarily maintained outside of the perl core. Also checks for commits that span multiple distributions in cpan/ or dist/. Makes sure that updated CPAN distributions also update Porting/Maintainers.pl, but otherwise ignores changes to that file (and MANIFEST).


Check if POD files contain non-ASCII without specifying encoding. Run it as: perl Porting/checkpodencoding.pl.


Checks that all the URLs in the Perl source are valid.


Used by t/porting/cmp_version.t to ensure changed modules have had their versions updated.


Command line tool to update cherrymaint; a tool for selecting commits from blead to cherry-pick into stable perl versions.


Compare the current Perl source tree and a given tag for modules that have identical version numbers but different contents.


This file is a sample config.h file. If you are unable to successfully run Configure, copy this file to config.h and edit it to suit your system.


Used when importing changes from metaconfig. This script reorders config_h.SH after metaconfig.


This file is a sample config.sh file. config.sh is normally produced by running the Configure script. It holds all the definitions figured out by Configure. If you are unable to successfully run Configure on your system, copy this sample file to config.sh at the top of the perl source tree and edit it to suit your system. Then propagate those values by running Configure -S. This sample file is normally updated each time Configure is updated.


Compare CPAN modules with their equivalent in core. Originally based on App::DualLivedDiff by Steffen Mueller.


Reports, in a perl source tree, which dual-lived core modules have not the same version than the corresponding module on CPAN.


Prints a table of differences between two Perl versions with respect to modules included in the distribution.


Generates a list of the module changes for the Perl you are currently building. Also generates a diff between the corelist sections of two perldelta* files.


Generates info for Module::CoreList from this perl tree.


List of test files to ignore/skip for deparse tests.


List of Perl release epigraphs.


This file contains a list of files that makerel will ensure get an executable bit.


Brute force testing for makedef.pl.


Expand C macros using the C preprocessor.


This script finds reentrant variants of functions used in an executable and shared objects.


This script, a rough draft, aids in generating a perldelta file from a series of git commits.


This script, given a Perforce change number, outputs the equivalent git commit id.


This script creates a tag for every p4raw-id.


This script contains the subroutine to generate a .patch file for a committish (the SHA1 checksum of a commit, a number made of 40 hexadecimal digits which acts the internal unique identifier for this commit (lilypond.org). Related file: make_dot_patch.pl


This file is built by metaconfig. This file contains a description of all the shell variables whose value is determined by the Configure script. It later gets incorporated into the pod for Config.pm.


For analyzing the output of "env HARNESS_TIMER=1 make test", to find outliers of test execution times.


This file contains a specification as to how to write a perldelta pod. Related file: perldelta_template.pod


This script executes every line in every file in the build directory and its subdirectories to determine if the number of SVs goes up and reports it as a leak to STDOUT. WARNING! some harm could be done if a line contains something similar to `rm *`.


This script shows information about the maintainers of core files/modules.

Related files: Maintainers.pl, Maintainers.pm


A package associating core files/modules with maintainers. Related files: Maintainers, Maintainers.pm


A package to search and show information about which core files/modules are associated with maintainers. Related files: Maintainers, Maintainers.pl


Generate a .patch file to STDOUT for a commit ID specified on the command-line.


This script creates META.yml and META.json files.


This script generates the list of registered CPAN sites in perlmodlib.PL.


This script builds a Perl release tarball.


This script creates a release checklist as a simple HTML document.


This script is a quick and dirty snapshot generator for the perl5.git.perl.org web page to use to generate the snapshot files.


This script outputs a list of files in MANIFEST which don't exist and a list of files that exist and aren't in MANIFEST.


This library provides functions used in checking and sorting the MANIFEST.


This script sorts the files in MANIFEST.


This script regenerates Porting/config.sh and Porting/config_H.


This script automates the process for creating perldelta.pl.


This script outputs the added tests between the two versions of Perl.


Template for perldelta.


Generates info for perlhist from this perl tree.


When required into other programs in the Perl 5 core distribution, provides functions useful during testing.


Generate the sections of files listed in %Targets from pod/perl.pod. Mostly these are rules in Makefiles.

 --verbose gives slightly more output
 --build-all tries to build everything
 --build-foo updates foo as follows
 --showfiles shows the files to be changed
 --test exit if perl.pod, MANIFEST are consistent, and regenerated
   files are up to date, die otherwise.


Applies podtidy to a file.


Pumpkin - Notes on handling the Perl Patch Pumpkin And Porting Perl. Many of these are out of date or superseded by other documents in this directory.


This file. An exhaustive list of the contents of the Porting/ directory along with a description of each file. The test t/porting/readme.t ensures that this lists every file and that every file is listed.


The y2038 implementation for perl. This is an implementation of POSIX time.h which solves the year 2038 bug on systems where time_t is only 32 bits. It is implemented in bog-standard ANSI C. The latest version can be found at https://github.com/evalEmpire/y2038.


Release announcement for minor releasements of the 5.19 development series.


Releasing a new version of perl 5.x. Note that things change at each release, so there may be new things not covered here, or tools may need updating.


This schedule lists the projected or historical development and release schedules for the next, current and previous stable versions of Perl. Dates with all question marks will only be releases if deemed necessary by the Pumpking.


Shell script to list patches in RT.


Template to guide writers of a perl 5 security vulnerability announcement.


This is a script for sorting the warning and error messages in perldiag.pod. POD formatting, printf-style escapes, non-letter characters, and case are ignored, as explained in perldiag.


Script to help out with syncing cpan distros.


A little program to test the limits of your system's time functions. See Porting/README.y2038 for details.


A helper tool for perl's 2038 support See Porting/README.y2038 for details.


This is a list of wishes for Perl. The most up-to-date version of this file is at https://github.com/Perl/perl5/blob/blead/Porting/todo.pod. The tasks we think are smaller or easier are listed first. Anyone is welcome to work on any of these, but it's a good idea to first contact perl5-porters@perl.org to avoid duplication of effort, and to learn from any previous attempts.


A post-processor for make test.valgrind. valgrindpp.pl is a post-processor for .valgrind files created during make test.valgrind. It collects all these files, extracts most of the information and produces a significantly shorter summary of all detected memory access errors and memory leaks.