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    3 		Automated Testing of Perl5 Interpreter for NetWare.
    7 A set of Standard Unit Test Scripts to test all the functionalities of 
    8 Perl5 Interpreter are available along with the CPAN download. They are 
    9 all located under 't' folder. These include sub-folders under 't' such 
   10 as: 'base', 'cmd', 'comp', 'io', lib', 'op', 'pod', 'pragma' and 'run'. 
   11 Each of these sub-folders contain few test scripts ('.t' files) under 
   12 them.
   14 Executing these test scripts on NetWare can be automated as per the 
   15 following:
   17 1. Generate automated scripts like 'base.pl', 'cmd.pl', 'comp.pl', 'io.pl',
   18 'lib.pl', 'op.pl', 'pod.pl', 'pragma.pl', 'run.pl' that execute all the
   19 test scripts ('.t' files) under the corresponding folder.
   21 For example, 'base.pl' to test all the scripts 
   22               under 'sys:\perl\scripts\t\base' folder,
   23              'comp.pl' to test all the scripts 
   24               under 'sys:\perl\scripts\t\comp' folder and so on.
   26 2. Generate an automated script, 'nwauto.pl' that executes all the above 
   27 mentioned '.pl' automated scripts, thus in turn executing all the '.t' 
   28 scripts.
   30 The script, 'NWScripts.pl' available under the 'NetWare\t' folder of the 
   31 CPAN download, is written to generate these automated scripts when 
   32 executed on a NetWare server. It generates 'base.pl', 'cmd.pl', 'comp.pl',
   33 'io.pl', 'lib.pl', 'op.pl', 'pod.pl', 'pragma.pl', 'run.pl' and also 
   34 'nwauto.pl' by including all the corresponding '.t' scripts in them in 
   35 backtick operators.
   37 For example, all the scripts that are under 't\base' folder will be 
   38 entered in 'base.pl' and so on. 'nwauto.pl' includes all these '.pl' 
   39 scripts like 'base.pl', 'comp.pl' etc.
   42 Perform the following steps to execute the automated scripts:
   44 1. Map your NetWare server to "i:"
   46 2. After complete build (building both interpreter and all extensions)
   47 of Perl for NetWare, execute "nmake nwinstall" in the 'NetWare' folder
   48 of the CPAN download. This installs all the library files, perl modules,
   49 the '.pl' files under 'NetWare\t' folder and all the '.t' scripts
   50 under 't' folder, all in appropriate folders onto your server.
   52 3. Execute the command  "perl t\NWModify.pl"  on the console command 
   53 prompt of your server. This script replaces
   55      "@INC = " with "unshift @INC, "  and
   56      "push @INC, " with "unshift @INC, "
   58 from all the scripts under 'sys:\perl\scripts\t' folder.
   60 This is done to include the correct path for libraries into the scripts 
   61 when executed on NetWare. If this is not done, some of the scripts will 
   62 not get executed since they cannot locate the corresponding libraries.
   64 4. Execute the command  "perl t\NWScripts.pl"  on the console command 
   65 prompt to generate the automated scripts mentioned above 
   66 under the 'sys:\perl\scripts\t' folder.
   68 5. Execute the command  "perl t\nwauto.pl"  on the server console command 
   69 prompt. This runs all the standard test scripts. If you desire to 
   70 redirect or save the results into a file, say 'nwauto.txt', then the 
   71 console command to execute is:  "perl t\nwauto.pl > nwauto.txt".
   73 6. If you wish to execute only a certain set of scripts, then run the 
   74 corresponding '.pl' file. For example, if you wish to execute only the 
   75 'lib' scripts, then execute 'lib.pl' through the server console command, 
   76 "perl t\lib.pl'. To redirect the results into a file, the console command
   77  is, "perl t\lib.pl > lib.txt".
   81 Known Issues:
   83 The following scripts are commented out in the corresponding autoscript:
   85 1. 'openpid.t' in 'sys:\perl\scripts\t\io.pl' script
   86    Reason:
   87      This either hangs or abends the server when executing through auto 
   88      scripts. When run individually, the script execution goes through 
   89      fine.
   91 2. 'argv.t' in 'sys:\perl\scripts\t\io.pl' script
   92    Reason:
   93      This either hangs or abends the server when executing through auto 
   94      scripts. When run individually, the script execution goes through 
   95      fine.
   97 3. 'filehandle.t' in 'sys:\perl\scripts\t\lib.pl' script
   98    Reason:
   99      This hangs in the last test case where it uses FileHandle::Pipe 
  100      whether run individually or through an auto script.