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    1 Building for arm-linux
    2 ----------------------
    4 The files in this directory add another cross-compilation
    5 target to the Perl buildsystem.  It was built as a part of
    6 the Open Zaurus (http://www.openzaurus.org/) distribution.
    7 Most / All of the arm compiler optimisations are "borrowed"
    8 from this excellent project.
   10 (Further discussion about cross-compiling Perl in the top level
   11 INSTALL file, see the section "Cross-compilation".)
   13 The main target is arm-linux but I have also managed to
   14 successfully cross-compile Perl for Solaris x86 using the same
   15 buildsystem.
   17 We are currently dependent on an existing working local copy of
   18 Perl ** of the same version and revision ** which is available
   19 as /usr/bin/perl. 
   21 You need a working and tested cross-compiler for your build
   22 and target combination.  The binary directory must be in
   23 your path.
   25 1)	You should be reading me (README) in perl-5.x.y/Cross
   27 2)	Make sure you are in the Cross directory.
   29 3)	Edit the file 'config' to contain your target platform information.
   31 4)	make patch	## This will patch the existing source-tree.
   32 5)	make perl	## Will make perl
   34 Your built Perl environment is in install_me_here/ in your build
   35 directory.  From here you can package and deploy as you wish.
   37 Omissions
   38 ----------
   40 This does NOT perform any installation.
   42 Make test will NOT work.
   44 We do not provide documentation in the core,  man pages are not generated.
   46 Other Targets (For Developers)
   47 ------------------------------
   49 It is possible to extend the cross-compilation to other targets.
   50 We have successfully compiled for the target solaris2.8/x86
   51 on linux/x86 build system.
   53 To attempt a cross-compile for another target using the methods
   54 in this directory:
   56 1)	Copy the Perl source code onto your TARGET machine.
   57 2)	Execute sh Configure as normal and configure as required,
   58 	do not "make".
   59 3)	Copy the config.sh file that is generated to your BUILD
   60 	machine and place it in the Cross directory with the
   61 	filename config.sh-ARCH-OS.  For example,
   62 	config.sh-i386-pc-solaris2.8.  For the appropriate ARCH
   63 	and OS please refer to your cross-compiler documentation.
   64 4)	Edit Cross/config to reflect your new target and continue
   65 	with build as above.
   67 Should you wish to produce optimised binaries for different
   68 architectures you can add the appropriate compiler flags to
   69 the Makefile in a new ifeq ($(ARCH),...) ... endif block.
   72 Please refer to your cross-compiler documentation for details.
   75 	Note that the Cross/ directory is also used by a different
   76 	cross-compilation setup described in the INSTALL file, and
   77 	executed by Configure.  There should be no conflicts since
   78 	it is unlikely both that cross-compilation setups are used
   79 	simultaneously.
   81 Enjoy!
   83 References
   84 ----------
   85 Redvers Davies <red@criticalintegration.com>
   86 Open Zaurus http://www.openzaurus.org/