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    1 For an overview of what's changed in this release, see pod/perldelta.pod.
    3 For the details of changes in previous releases, see the individual
    4 perlNNNdelta.pod files. For example, pod/perl588delta.pod describes the
    5 changes between versions 5.8.7 and 5.8.8.
    7 For a list of contributors to perl, see AUTHORS.
    9 If you need a detailed commit history (i.e. descriptions of each
   10 individual commit),  you can view the git version control history online
   11 at https://github.com/Perl/perl5.  Or, you can download a copy of the git
   12 repository and then run a command like
   14     git log --name-status v5.12.0..v5.14.0
   16 to view all the changes between 5.12.0 and 5.14.0.
   18 See pod/perlgit.pod for more details on using git and accessing the
   19 commit history.
   21 In perl releases prior to 2009, the source tarball included a collection
   22 of Changes files that listed the individual commits that had gone into
   23 each release. Since these files had become very large, and since the
   24 same information is now freely available online, it was decided to remove
   25 them from subsequent releases.
   27 If you need access to these removed files, then they can be be found most
   28 recently in the 5.8.9 and 5.10.0 tarballs, at
   30     http://www.cpan.org/src/perl-5.8.9.tar.gz
   31     http://www.cpan.org/src/5.0/perl-5.10.0.tar.gz
   33 The contents of the files in question can mostly be regenerated using git
   34 commands. The following table shows the equivalents. Note that the files
   35 prior to Changes5.005 were not simple lists of commits, so can't be
   36 recreated just by running the git command. As it happens, even the latter
   37 ones are not exact equivalents. This is due to a combination of errors in
   38 the original Changes files, and "impedance mismatches" when the previous
   39 version control data was imported into git in December 2008.
   41 For example, the Changes5.005 file includes 206 spurious entries from the
   42 maint5.004 Perforce branch.
   44 Running the following command with the range argument shown in the table
   45 will produce *approximately* the same list of changes in the specified
   46 file shown from the listed tarball.
   48     git log --name-status <range>
   50   file           tarball  <range> argument to 'git log'
   51   ------------   ------   --------------------------------
   52   Changes5.000   Either   N/A
   53   Changes5.001   Either   perl-5.000..perl-5.001
   54   Changes5.002   Either   perl-5.001..perl-5.002
   55   Changes5.003   Either   perl-5.002..perl-5.003
   56   Changes5.004   Either   perl-5.003..perl-5.004
   57   Changes5.005   Either   perl-5.004..perl-5.005_03
   58   Changes5.6     Either   perl-5.005_03..perl-5.6.0
   59   Changes5.8     Either   perl-5.6.0..perl-5.8.0
   60   Changes5.8.1   5.8.9    perl-5.8.0..perl-5.8.1 ^1ede746b
   61   Changes5.8.2   5.8.9    perl-5.8.1..perl-5.8.2
   62   Changes5.8.3   5.8.9    perl-5.8.2..perl-5.8.3
   63   Changes5.8.4   5.8.9    perl-5.8.3..perl-5.8.4
   64   Changes5.8.5   5.8.9    perl-5.8.4..perl-5.8.5 ^3a81978b
   65   Changes5.8.6   5.8.9    perl-5.8.5..perl-5.8.6 ^498d59dd
   66   Changes5.8.7   5.8.9    perl-5.8.6..perl-5.8.7
   67   Changes5.8.8   5.8.9    perl-5.8.7..perl-5.8.8
   68   Changes        5.8.9    perl-5.8.8..perl-5.8.9
   69   Changes        5.10.0   perl-5.8.0..perl-5.10.0