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    1 Function: matintersect
    2 Section: linear_algebra
    3 C-Name: intersect
    4 Prototype: GG
    5 Help: matintersect(x,y): intersection of the vector spaces whose bases are
    6  the columns of x and y.
    7 Doc: $x$ and $y$ being two matrices with the same
    8  number of rows each of whose columns are independent, finds a basis of the
    9  vector space equal to the intersection of the spaces spanned by the
   10  columns of $x$ and $y$ respectively. The faster function
   11  \tet{idealintersect} can be used to intersect fractional ideals (projective
   12  $\Z_K$ modules of rank $1$); the slower but more general function
   13  \tet{nfhnf} can be used to intersect general $\Z_K$-modules.